A way with books


reading projects - mixed media, since 1994 ongoing

Selling my library, 1980 - 2000, 1931/2015


Karl Marx's Feuerbach Thesis as a boat trip/ Die Marschen Fuerbachthesen als Bootsfahrt, Lake Constance 2012

The Passion considered an uphill bicycle race, or I wanna be Alfred Jarry, 1903/2011, Tyrolian Alps 2011

Friedrich Engels. Little Ireland. 2011

Friedrich Engels, The Condition of the Working Class in England, 2011

Reading Hermes - The acrobats are jumping through the air, 2011

Alber Camus, L'Etranger / The Stranger, 2011

Reading Mao to Baby Edgar, 2009

Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Kritik der politischen Oekonomie, Erster Band, Buch 1, Der Produktionsprozess des Kapitals, 2009

Reading Karl Marx in a stretch-iimo during the Armory Art Fair in New York, 2009

Imperialism the highst stage of capitalism - Lenin between Spiegelgasse 14 and UBS head quater, Zurich, 2007

V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, (Russian Edition) 1962, 2007

Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter/ The goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick, 2006

Beyond the pleasure principle, 2001

The interpretation of dreams2001

Discontent in culture2001

The ego and the id 2001