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The group show CLOSE QUATERS, takes place on Governors Island, a famous former military base active for over hundred years just until a couple of years ago, in the south of Manhattan. THE GROUIP SHOW takes place in a relative small mansion, where former Soviet Union leader GORBATCHEV stayed and prepared for a very consequential meeting with US president Reagan in the 1980s - comparable with the news making, world historical meeting of the North Korean leader and Donald Trump on an island in Singapore just weeks ago.

currently, we - the USA and some of its alies - are still IN the a SYRIAN WAR, independent of whether we read aobut it or not.
RUSSIA IS OuR OPPONENT. This proxi-war is cener of an endlessly complicated web of forces and alliances that are
even contradictiing itself..

In today"s horrible climate of TRUMP enforced ISLAMOPHOBIA / the so-called Muslim ban was just approved by the GOP / Trump dominated SUPREME COURT, which makes even the Arab language look subspect. I started to learn 3 years or exactly 500 hours Arabic as part of my art / activist work within weeks of the Shock and Awe inititing phase which was scheduled and announced by the Bush state department as a mediatic prime time event.

Like all wars, this SYRIA war creates refugies and misery which led in 2017 to the killing of the Russian embassador last year by a Syrian refugee in Turkey. Hence my news painting. from a series that dates back to the related Iraq war in 2003. i.e. an ongoing war related ONLINE NEWS painting series.

The Syria sign, was first shown last year and was removed against my will and before the closing of a show at the end of Long Island. , at the Hamptons, and created some news. see below

BUT nobody in New York City had a chance to actually view this sign.
Thought the VERY POINT OF THIS SIGN IS TO REMIND US OF a still very active brutal, genocid provoking WAR.. .The sign comes in form of a TRAFFIC SIGN, also not completely unrelated to cars, combustible car engines and our intereset in heh middle east which has gotten really very, very complex.

the video O PATRIA NUOVA, has to do with the DAKA crisis. Trumps wish to send undocumetned childeren of illegal imigrants back albeit of the wethere their homeland is familar to them or not.. hence.. verdis o h patria mia... commmissioned for hte opening o f the suez canal in egykpt. .2nd half 19th century, high period of colonialism. ...

o patria mia.///

o patria nuova.. new or aopted homeland



more info here.. on this work here:

Did Tinder Swipe Left on Political Art in the Hamptons? Accusations Fly After Show at Surf Lodge
An artwork has gone missing amid claims of censorship at the tony Montauk club.

Sarah Cascone, August 3, 2017


while studying in syria. i saw this sign ( during hte middle of the Iraq war... wiht the traffic sign, bagdad..//

. and was very impressd.. so i t never let me go and hence. i made this...

INVITED TO THE TIP OF LONG ISELAND.. i was imaginging/// as i always did as a child. ./// wahts on the other side of the sea.

hence. .de facto szyra


see also syria.


(the sign indicating "Bagdad"")

Basic Arabic, My friend is sick, 2004

archival inkjet print, edition of 6 plus 2 artist proof - 24 x 33 inches (51 x 80 cm appr.)

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News painting: the Gunman After Shooting the Russian Ambassador, New York Times, 12/19/2016/2017
Acrylic on canvas


Rainer Ganahl

News Painting: The Gunman After Shooting the Russian Ambassador, New York Times 12/19/2016016




Oh, my adapted homeland (VERDI (AIDA) /GANAHL), 2018 youtube.