more newspaintings

more beheadings 


news paintings - screenshut pantings - attrocities to make us feel happy that we are alife  and relatively free and somoehow democratic  - it could all be worse 


A (news) painting a month -- there are some missing.. but since there is a constant flow of production in relationship to internation bad news     .. last time my painful news paintings where a on public view at  moma/ps1  --- to my chagrin I wish somebody could show them again and ideally speaking in a corporate or private collection . anywhere except in the street like here  - i do not even have a wall that allows me to hang them          

 see the size -WHEN things collapse (personal, politicial, etc.)    





 size 102 nches high x 64 inches / 260 cm x 163 cm acrlyl and oil on canvas .. painted not printed. 



rainer ganahl, newspainting,   screenshot ,  Outcry in Pakistan over beheading of former ambassador"s daughter ( the Washington Post) - acryl and oil  2002    (thanks Mirijam Berger - civen the Cuomo resignation yesterday mid august )  

size 102 nches high x 64 inches / 260 cm x 163 cm  



SCREENSHOT, Drone strike in North Arabian See kills two; US navy rendering assistance , 2021 - paint on canvas, 3 yard long -  size 102 nches high x 64 inches / 260 cm x 163 cm - lets just say it is big   




 Screenshot, Obviously very chilling: Peter R. De Vries killing shows the danger of Dutch crime reporting, 2021   size 102 nches high x 64 inches / 260 cm  x 163 cm - lets just say it is big  



screenshut, relatives performed last rites at the Seemapure cremation grounds in New Delhi,  India. covid 2021 (oil on canvas) ----------strmarcia 


 SCREENSHUT. Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated early Wednesday , 2021  size      big  58 inches wide  approx 180 cm x 230 cm approx 



 SCREENSHUT, Devastation from floods spreads in germany and Belgium, with hundreds missing, 2021     58 inches wide approx 180 cm x 230 cm approx









Lets start with the insurrections and then go back and forth


 200 cm high 2021 (code vi -grub)


3 yard 273 cm high  x    76 inches (193 cm wide)  

 below see this large scale works in that format .. mostly acryl sometimes oil and mixed    


  1 minute louped computer animation lady walking with sound see here 







 above left over canvas and a certain degree of expressionism .. to say the least conceringt the HARASSMENT PROBELM..

 WHY - PEOPLE  scammed me in regard to my paintings and regard to me as an artist