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Are Art Galleries facing a hard time ?

According to Artnet,

The End of Exhibitions? As Attendance Plummets, New York Dealers Are Scrambling to Secure the Future of the Art Gallery. To lure the public back into art galleries, dealers are banding together and adopting vintage tactics like the old-fashioned gallery walk. by Rachel Corbett, July 18, 2018

my dealer Kai Matsumiya and a quite surprising mass gallery closing there is a problem. 


With the arm of my Manhattan Marxism  <> project, I propose for galleries to really "adopt vintage tactics" and look for EXTRA OLD FASHIONED ways for dealer to PAY for THEIR INFLATED RENTS in highly desired and gentrified areas like the Lower East Side of NEW YORK.

Hence, galleries should use their strategic spaces and use it for ART-UNRELATED but well-paying services. 

UPS Access point pays 1 $ for each package passing through such a point. ATM machine operators leave 50 % of the extra pay per withdrawal, and good old coffee may be sold for at least 2 - 3 dollars each. The gallery shoiuld also adapt strategies many hold-out artists from those areas resort to special days and according to demand in order to pay their ever increasing rents: Airbnb. A Lower East Sides, gallery should allow Airbnb guests enjoy the creative fumes of a gallery operation and rent their spaces from Sunday evening to Wednesday morning according gallery schedule. That will add over a thousand dollar to the pool of smaller money which all ads up substantially. Extra services like t-shirt sales, mobile company contracts, and other small services and more - why not palm reading - should be added.

Also, due to expensive alcoholic beverage licencing, wine should be offered as permanent enocre of a permanent ongoing gallery opening situation. 4$ or more a glass of wine (don't use cups) should also lead to extra attention to the art on the walls that still wants to be sold or at least be noticed or or Instagramed.Alcohol in an art gallery will always escape licensing regulations, because meditative consumption of wine can be justified as a liquid pedagogical device for understanding art.

Starting with a special event at the end of November to be right for the package intense and travel friendly holiday season, KAI MATSUMIYA, 83 Stanton Street, New York, Lower East Side will adapt my MANHATTAN MARXISM project idea and let it run throughout the months to come until times for contemporary art improve 

( I personally believe that contemporary art shouldn't even have a market in order to develop properly and without deforming speculations) 

Manhattan Marxism is not only an analytical tool, but is put to help here to absorb the embarrassing aspect of doubling up with the mundane, non-fancy street economy of small store front owners. Doing so, this survial tactics is also intertwined with the online digital capitalism that still needs to land their products and interactions with regular people through real touch and access points. 

This absorbtion of embarrassment comes at a low 15 % profit sharing by the dealer who adapts it. I, the artist, refer my reputation deficit, the "blaming and bad gossip" on my project MANHATTAN MARXISM. 

More information on Manhattan Marxism   <> will also soon be in print by Stermberg publications, Berlin: MANHATTAN MARXISM ( Edited by Rachel Corbett and Rainer Ganahl), 2018