This series of smaller size paintings - 20 x 16 incehes to be precise where discussed in 2020 but finally made in 2021 with oil on canvas in a styl that needs no other help but any kind of a conversation with a good friend - in this case the film maker Nick Martin who has been my most biggest, most closest friend for quit some time. He has not accuse me of any disgusting things, no insults, no drama, no nohting for a lot off time.. many many months, I d say over the last 2 years, for sure since it became clear that I was invited to make a show at MX gallery - which was meant to be a summer spleen so i could relax, make some paintings, pary a bit and hang with so called kids right out of RISD, which mean - again graduates from around Brown and one of the biggest star producing machinese of the east coast. the equivalent of Academy Düsseldorf, or Academy Stuttgart where even I am a professor for - I d say quite some time and I'say till the end of my academic cycle - hence retirement.. but that is far far n the future, hence I could call myself a professional artist, and that even not having been at Brown, Yale or all the other shit shuffling places (((( bc here I start becoming nrvous about the US Senate--- not yet fully called, but thanksfully the dems, me voting, for so so long.--- went through a littel crisis.. hence we are in the year 2021 . covid. we sit at home. we go to court, and we fight over children in court.. jawohl.. but ... they... these amazing fine results of these amazing fine colleges not called academies ---- i was in an economic academy called handelsakademy as a worthless accountant school but at least (have lyce economic, half talented and priveleged for economics for retards like me, who then decided to go demi tour and simply go on with philosophy history art. hence. i do appreciate bronw and yale and priveledge producing extending, teaching prolonging even harward is a fucking stilly stupid but necessary place bc i speak with layerst in these last 4 years only.. hence no economy only bancrupcy. proceedings. hence no money, no bit coins, no shit, but shit, hence,not even a role not even a biennial not even a mueseum show notning is pathothenically proofen.. so we eat covid out of cooky boxes. we save here an there our memories, orgnaze a bit, get wasted and tinder, or what the ff.-- ck. or masks ... well.. not when we are aggressive after an illegal detention by the police admitted to .. that was i look forwards 

links follow le   

links follow simply finally place some pix  s of my paintings.. not not my fashion.. or whatever i do in order to keep mself up day and night working.. on bbc, npr, and a few pages nytimes... why do i pay for them. when I read it in these days not 4 hours a day but only 1 hour or so. 

--- all this international news consumption makes elecdtions even more viral and vital and important and disconcerting and english still is not my first or even my second langauge but my 4th or so. depending on the count. 

 hence thanks to all my previous art teachers... now i simply talk to ex studetns and ... whoever talks to me bc zoom and my .. few zoom meetings i get.. no way.. i did not overwrite the 5 45 shrink and the 7pm meeting of exactly 15 min a kid

hence let me study my text.. and i fail at that as well.. my bio is now my work or my work is my bio  or hiding my traumas in my work and if courts dont work and police is sent to your house bc of jellous ex es and jails and even the most disgusting form of INCARCERATON.. well.. you become an google rainer ganahl on yutube

i m sick of being my own news source, my own entertainer, my one person show... but why not... hence i am available. ..... as actor as dr. gibson looking ffor a mandy 

my role DR Gibson .. B  DR. GIBSON. .but i prefer P bc i m always a yota off.. ohterwise it looks i m for hire. 

but my paintings are cheap.. except i fall in love with them... hence at this point... what is the point. 

pardon my experience, my appearance under construction 

like teh constantly mutating virus, the vaxine, the endless left or right or spring summer season or fashion or manhattan or international marxism all disgusting. communsim disgusting the us courts disgusting law biz not working. too boring... everybody nees help.. nurses make 10 000k a week. great. i lvoe them i fell in love with tehm. the cliche is ture true .. so when they accuse me of this crap why not producing crap... ..  freud jung  1798 1942 1914 1945 1955 1999 2001 2008 2012 2021