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Use a bicycle


By Rainer Ganahl, 2011

This installation contains various elements and is presented within an Art and Technology Show in Bologna, Italy, home to the famous motor cycle company Ducati - which is co-sponsoring the show. It shows various elements, including two videos (one to be made), a Ducati e-bicycle, a huge wall print, and various info-sheets taken from NY Times to create a fictional advertisement of a fictional company merger: BYD (Build Your Dreams) and Ducati. It merges reality and ficition, technolgy and politics, to represent something really BEYOND YOUR DREAMS OR NIGHTMARES.

Instead of talking about technology I am interested in the political economy of Green technology. Ducati has already one set of electric bicycles for over a year and several European car and motor cycle makers are (very late by now) trying to enter the market. They try to re-invent the wheel as this kind of technology is already ruling the streets in China. In fact the entire electric car and cycle market is totally dominated by China. China has the best medium range electric motor-technolgy and the best battery makers world wide. BYD is one of the biggest player and dominates the world market (All Apple products contain BYD batteries, for example - so you might have one in your pockets). A company that is barely 15 years old has even out performed the Japanese battery makers. The biggest advantage of China in Green Technology is the fact that they have the biggest research , the best talents and most important nearly all the RARE EARTH so desperately needed for wind power and eclectic motors. China controls nearly 100 % of that market and is about to eliminate all non-Chinese competitors in solar panels, wind turbine making and electric vehicle making. Hence, speaking about political economics is crucial when it comes to technology and battery driven vehicles. Needless to say, the average European or American has never heard about BYD. They still believe that China does nothing but copying and is basically just stealing European and American ideas - when in fact we only can wish that Europe and America is soon waking up to the reality of things. If one day, people really wake up, they'll realize that BUILD YOUR DREAMS is for many not only BEYOND THEIR IMAGINATION.

also included in the show:

Materials taken from the NY times on BYD, on rare earth, on wind energy, on battery development, on solar panels and on electric bicycles and on Ducati as a corporate entity (currently just sold to an international consortium of investors) will be hanging on the wall next to a promotional video on BYD/Ducati - a fictional TV advertisement of Ducati's electric bicycles. This advertisement assumes the fiction that Ducati is sold to Chinese BYD --- Build your Dreams. Mimicking the company policies of American counterparts BYD / Ducati's official language is now Chinese:

the video made in Rome: From the Vatican to the Piazza della Republica, Bicycling Rome


Text is to be presented by a Itallian woman who is fluent in Chinese. She is wearing an outfit that is typical for a Chinese business lady: see :
The presentation is "corporate" as if in a real advertisement. Some representative qualities are expected by the actress / sinologist.

We are filming it indoor with the BYD / Ducati e-bicycle. It also shows the BYD / Ducati Logo as well as some advertisement of E-bicycles. Parts of the Bicycle Roma -video can be included in the video. The text is subtitled into English. .

The text will be translated into Chinese and the Italian woman will learn it by heart for filming. We will need a tri pot for the camera, two artificial lights, and a clip on microphone.
The video is subtitled in English


My name is Nina Pascali and I am working for BYD / Ducati here in Bologna. I'm responsible for our electric bicycles which belong to the best in the world.

I am sorry to speak in Chinese but since the sale of Ducati to BYD we all are using Chinese as our official company language. This was also the case after the sales of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari to BYD.

Over the last ten years, China has become the leader in Green technology and in everything else running on batteries. In China 75 % of all vehicles are now powered with electric batteries charged mostly with solar, wind and other renewable energies. This is twenty times more than what you find on European and American streets. Unlike the rest of the world, China permits only electric motorcycles, scooters and electric bicycles on the roads. 

BYD stands for BUILD YOUR DREAMS and is the world's largest automaker, the leader in battery technology and the most dominant company in the solar and wind power industry.

We, from BYD, have revolutionized cars, busses, tracks, motor bikes as well as scooters and e-bikes. Next to controlling a third of Daimler Benz and other German car companies, we have acquired a wide spectrum of companies worldwide which once produced the finest and fastest driving machines.

Ducati was one of these fabulous motor cycle companies which BYD has taken over recently. This acquisition has allowed us to quickly adjust this old Italian company to the 21st century making all of Ducati's two wheeled vehicles battery powered. BYD as a Chinese company has unrestricted access to Rare Earth indispensable for smart electric products. Today, 95 % of Rare Earth are produced in China which explains why green technology companies worldwide aspire to be purchased or co-owned by BYD.

With our combined forces, we are revolutionizing motor cycles and the entire electric bicycle market combining the best in aesthetics, technology and eco-sustainability.

On a BYD/Ducati e-bicycle you are traveling with style, speed and without stress, even  - as you can see here - against the traffic without holding the handlebar.

A BYD/Ducati e-bicycle is your ultimate object of desire.

"Build your dreams" and navigate with a BYD /Ducati today !

And don't forget our motto: EASY RIDING, EASY LIVING.


STARING: MIRIAM C see her here on youtube

background image of lady speaking: she stands there with the bicycle



============== POSTER ==================POSTER============== POSTER =====================

poster - to be printed on plastic linen and hang - approx. 200 x 211 cm printed on plastic fabric / canvas


for publication download this picture

download image for the exhibition: PRENDERE QUESTO IMAGINE : 211 CM X 200 CM :

PLEASE USE THIS IMAGE TO PRINT ON PLASTIC CANVAS ---on each corner we need an ear, a metal ear llike this

lsee also this kind of PLASTIC CANVAS..







pdfs supporting this fiction/reality : articles from the New York Times:

a - daimler benz praising BYD, partnering up

b - wind power and Chinese companies - Why China is number one

d - rare earth and green technologies - why China is dominating in Green technologies and why they will increase domination. .

c - BYD - A short history and why Warren Buffet couldn't even purchase as much as he wanted from BYD

f - on electric bicycles I

g - on electric bicycles II

more articles to come .. which also will be on display:


see here the display



logo: to be painted -= stick on the wall:




the logo is not identical to the one on the "installation plan" - see above. but this is the right logo