iraq dialogs




Finjan Binan, born in Badhad, since 1992 in Germany, business men, living near Bremen.


Finjan and I started our conversation electronically before the war happened. He had time to work on the logos I was preparing on a web site.

In June 2003, I went to Bremen and met him. We conducted an interview - see some video clips - and he left me his prepared papers (see below).

Different to other dialog partners, Finjan Binan prepared his answers on a seperate sheet of paper and he left it up to me to put i t into an arabic font

and organize it on the space.


also, below, you can find logos that are hand drawn by me because I didn't have a printer... these news covers were harvested from CNN in

mid-June 03 and his comments are written onto the sheets the translation into German included.























translation: only the Iraqi flag will be placed over Iraq.























Whether 7 or 27, the people dying are Iraqis. They are fighting for their freedom.



For them (U.S.+ UK military) all Iraqi's are suspects until they are fully and totally subjugated.


I don't see it in such bright colors (rosig - pink) as others do.