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Cher Rainer, Ta position “Dream team” tolérante à l’égard des signes religieux islamique, à l’intérieur des écoles est contraire aux valeurs républicaines, laïques et culturelles de la société françaises. Le texte “Dream teams” aurait pu être écrit par l’extrême droite française très croyante et tres anti-laïque comme les … (not je ne peux pas lire) les mullahs!
Dear Rainer, Your position “Dream team” that is tolerant towards Islamic religious signs within the school is opposite to the republican, secular and cultural values of French society. The text “Dream teams” could have been written by the extreme French right that is very religious and anti-secular as much as the (can’t read) and the mullahs!


cllick here to see the New York Times piece Rudy Ricciotti is refering to:


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Cher Rudy,
Here is my answer:
Thank you for your reaction to my NY Times drawing. I do think that the law against the veil in French schools is subtly racist, and anti-Muslim. The questions of secularism and the republican values are not the problem here but just a pretext to partially outlaw a Muslim live-style (that gets too much importance) and to keep ignoring that French society (all Europe) has become multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious. This fact cannot be grasped with laws but with dialog, engagement and changes. Let’s hope that France soon issues a Frantz Fanon stamp and of many more non-French born people that understood very early the implications and hopes for a changing multi-cultural post-colonial world. (in Arabic: Good bye, Rainer)

hereis my reply with a special stamp - I m not sure at this point whether my card makes it with this stamp to France or to some investigator.


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