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Mallorka Yoga Test, 2021 - Tourism Critique under Covid plus a Bunch of Wars, Fashion & Art, 1922/2021 


for sure a practice necessary when you lose everything you have, when you SURVIVE, when COVID and WARS *HITLER TEST WARS, FASHION ( etc.) and ART collide with TOO MUCH MONEY AND GERMANS AND BRITISH AND AND AND ... euro jet set plus internationals in  contested waters     

if you / by accident are a woman and ever pass by a building like i had to in order to be tested for my sanity : read the plaque - but believe me - i love INSTITUTIONS AND RESPECT THEM //// except there are good onces and dubious ones. i try to make a point. I love to teach, i love to listen, i love to do art, i love my employer, but i do not like to have to proof myself all my life long .... over and over again - believe me i was in YOGA class since i m a small kid and i remember it  / my mother took me before she was .... done with the world and could not take it anymore before she couldn t  fit the mirror of her reality - i am about to regain my kids but it might last another 7 years till 2028 - hence i do YOGA AND HAVE TO BE PATIENT but i am also paying attention to what goes on in my life. for example, i did not like to be killed, attacked in Harlem, 2021 and then accused of shit, nor did i like to be attacked in 2020 and then be accused of weird things .... 

sorry TMI 

anyhow... study this figure


by the way, CERAMICS FROM THE VERY BEST COLLAGE I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO IN MY LIFE , THE ABK-STUTTGART.DE .. hence, study with me ..... sorry to be so obvious. notice the oil point and the pencil date, off by 10 days. an attempt to travel there in the first week of december 2021/ 


 there was once a name called Picasso he was familiar with SPAIN and its wars, and he ended up in Mallorca, but Mallorca, the south of FRANCE / OR WAS it paris . or was it New York, or was it the MOMA or was it Barcelona, or was it reconstitution .//// or was it madrid, or was it MIRO, or was it .... SPAIN, THE WAR, THE ENTIRE HISTORY THAT never really comes to a close ... or does it ... or what did Hemmingway write about BARCELONA... and go see what happens there now, and who they wish for... and why is there even Trump  who during that week raisesd 300 million and when i showed last time in Berlin, to prevent TRUMP at a gallery called barbara weiss, well the wrong woman died but how many years have we shot over the border  STAR DOWN TO EARTH.... lol shirts inside out --- at least i survived the skate board that was coming swinning at my head... and do not for - get the shit i get while still sweating here the SHORT TEMPER of the people i sponsor -- needless to say no names but "COMME DES MARXISTS" AND rainer ganahl "the same"           ---  i have here a HULU PLATTFORM TO USA DRUGS AND LIFE DRAMA .... but i hold my ground, i do not sell out ... i play fair ... ut hard to explain, in a year and an ear we still have covid.... hence .... i at least was taken nicey to a hotel and a professor paid my birthday present but christian said hello and patrick paid and a lady K came but no F word no K word no Heroin, no drugs, no alcohol. but but ... investigations... . not  yet at an end / why bc still an artist, still a father of kids (they didn t bother to call/ still endlessly litigating etc... hence shit)              


but why do i need to RELAX AND PRACTICE YOGA 

study the images carefully  ---clues: high crime area, one of the highesst murder rates in the world because Harlem at 131st street plus plus  short fuses bc of stress and 

no money but attitude - and entitlement and very fragile but .... lets be gentile this is a gentile way of story telling . if u need interpretations contact me 


or read up on me in the NEW YORK TIMES 

By Roberta Smith April 23, 2010 The latest exhibition from the veteran Conceptual artist Rainer Ganahl is a resonant feat of site-specificity, a fit of art and space so unforced yet so affecting as to be breathtaking. Basically Mr. Ganahl has used nearly every square foot of the fledgling Alex Zachary gallery, an empty brownstone garden duplex of 1980s rehab. (It is located on without being quite of the Upper East Side. It keeps Thursday-to-Sunday Lower East Side hours, and Mr. Zachary still has his day job at Gavin Brown’s gallery in the West Village.) 

Julian Assage is really in trouble .... i can handle it but i still wonder..... 

raise questions 


i love STUTTGART bc they allow these kind of histrocal plates 

see my work concering HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS / GO language of emigration , (1990s and till now)   

painting by rainer ganahl , 2021 covid birthday fear - investigation, 31 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches oil on canvas  


U.S. promises not to imprison Julian Assange under harsh conditions if Britain extradites him.

The Biden administration told a British court that the WikiLeaks founder would not be isolated and could serve out any sentence in Australia.

 BEFORE AND AFTER .... chocolate was a present for my most important interview ... one of "those.... " with stunning results 

of the economic and institutional .... ones...  yella .. yella  


 face book papers .....         zuckerberg does  .... but.... here ZUCKER UND COCA MELTED ON MY BLACK PANTS.. I WASHED IT OFF  

paintings and art works are by me ... by the way... photos by me rainer ganahl //// they are AVAILABLE contact me 

story telling rainer ganahl 

lose in court, lose everywhere you can lose ... well... make MORE ART 


 painting by rainer ganahl , 2021 covid fear and the rest has no name but blue monsters,  31 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches  oil on canvas 



hence get teh POINT 

hence get teh POINT.... 

the welt ist wunderschoen. 

mids kids, Edgar and Isadora Ganahl - no call for my 60s birthday - but an attitude upon return from STR to JFK - actually this very morning over what ?a key 

the end for this day, Oct 2, 2021  - 10:57 am   (new mayor of new york - keeps talks with GANGSTERS... gang leaders - i have never seen anything here..... 

fashion, art  

fashion, art , beauty, PAEDAGOGY AND LITERATURE - i teach

i love to teach. i have nothing else on my mind but teaching and i love germany bc they allow you to think and to teach and to remember and to make great films

even without a camera. 

ask my marxist tailor whether he comes again ? well. he is out of loom. on the computer. i need fresh air. 

 in this fedex box all my anti trump drawings -- made in a font that taht was made in honor of the last german dictator - i forgot his name      

 I love OSCAR SCHLEMMER and not only ai wei wei  - here see me with him but i m sick of proofing myself  

 the global south is here speaking below

 NYC - in house arrest - the dog - the dog wears by rainer stuttgart bahnhof fest - the bahnhof is off course for sale    THE DANZING CASE - CURRENTLY ON NOW .... chevron etc.... court cases  steven danzinger (from the global south - a lawyer who has indiginal rights issues plus ... possible fraud... but he goes to jail bc ..... bc ..... rain forest .... rain forest defender.... and a case against chevron . anyhow sorry for too much inforamiton but this is my personal web site sorry  i love images and i love story telling .... and i love environmentalism and i love to teach and it is expensive .. but i am constantly also in court... hence.. i love court ... do i love court ? amazon defense coallition --- cancer etc.