PIrate 9,  (video - 2 minutes), 2012


This video is the result of this emai by Marianne Vitali:

I am requesting each of you produce a new two-minute video. No theme, no rules - except two-minute length and should - please - be over-the-top, whatever that entails. Metaphorically burn your own bridges, destroy your reputation. Irrevocably, poetically, burn shit down to the ground via who knows what - document a whisper, a belch, a manifesto; out in public, inside of yourselves, on your face, however you can shake it. Or disregard these parameters altogether. Rules, mules. (Except for the 2-minute factor - please abide).

Strung together one after another, the works could make for an interesting, colorful, more-or-less-one-hour program.

Deadline for final, finished, edited, polished video is 1st February 2012.


see the result as a surprse:

PIrate 9,  (video - 2 minutes), 2012