randy alexander , new york 1991



installation view with window, Preview, 1990/91 (wallpainting) and a window segment entering a wall. (the detailed work lists will be added later)

these works used the computer interface of early home computers as a basis for my artistic research. the interest consisted in a systemic game with the geometry and langauge of computer interfaces. the idea of the window took on many forms in my works. Some of them are running through my entire body of art works even into recent new works of mine where I use the internet or the cabel net surface from news reports.


left: window, Index 157, 1990/91 (transfer on window)

right: installation view with

file, citYlist, 1989

file, tpc fencing, 1990

file empty space at nauseam. " (1989 - 91) (3 transfers on wall) see details below:











more files from other projects