Open this interview by JOHN REARDON of RAINER GANAHL as a PDF File

I remember a fellow who was coming from London to interview me while I was on doing some teaching in Germany. I forgot about the interview appointment and had all the students there. Instead of sending them home, we just had them there as if this was a stage performance. Later, we became friends since John invited me to his make shift school in London. When he sent me the edited material, I did not read it. I was sent the book and did not read it eather, in fact, I have no clue where it is and that I even opened the package since I don't really like mail so much anymore - most of it are invoices and of the sollicitating nature. Between my travels, piles of mail delivers accumulate and I am simply not able to pay to much attention to it.

When asked by a group of Swiss curators for an interiiew, who turned out to be no curators but artists, (I was corrected) they sent me this interview as a PDF I can't even copy and paste. I looked at it and realized that this must be the interview with John and I simply put it up. Again, I am not yet able to read it.

Once things are in print, I prefer not to read my stuff.. since I might get disturbed by what I said - and slightly upset at me for not having taken the pain of reading and correcting it. I hoipe it is not too annoying.

I write this in November 2011. The interview with John Reardon is not dated and must have been made in 2007.