here are different slide projects: -- please, scroll down - I have been frequently using


I. BASEL ART FAIR - for galerie roger pailhas, marseille, 1992

the dealer asked me to design his booth.

my idea was to turn the booth at the Basel artfair into a mini-theater with 3 slides shows representing the artist. none of the art works were physically present.

I designed the furniture and the entire booth:


the quality of these picutres is bad - but I do have 4 x 5 transparencies

for this installation, I used white and black carpet and white and black ceiling and white and black paint to create this cenematographic space

the furniture were also specialy designed - desks, stairs, and stands for slide projectors. the projection area was painted white







II. galerie roger pailhas 1992 - a slide project - Paris

made with self made slides done on the computer organized about an index-project.

for this show, I worked with the index catalog of the near by (one block away) public library of the Pompidou Center - the books address the production of space, uneven devellopment and gentrification - which was going at the time in that neighborhood/quartier. some books concerned cultural integration of muslims in France, decolonisation (Frantz Fanon) and multiculturalism. I also was very interested how indexial information was treated in early home computers: windows, document titles, interfacial elements .. At that time the libraries in Europe and at the Pompidou started to become digitalized..

(Microsoft hadn't yet released its "windows" yet)

the content of these projected data was later "projected" into actual materials and actual space: some examples are included below




below two projections






slide carroussell with 80 self made slides



below, see details from productiion sheet used for the production of slides - printed onto transparent film with the help of a high res linotronic system.

l(this is an enlargement) - the originals are the size of a slide so they could be mounted.






the content of the slide carrousselle with the "windows" served not only as a projection as a slide show but also as a blue print for "exporting" them into other medias, into other contexts related occasions: projected into actual space: in this case as a transfer onto the gallery window

(the content of this : with the index number of the pompidou library: talkes about a book: "immigrants into the nice neighborhoods" (les immigrees des beaux quartier)

-- alluding direcdtly the the gentrification in which this gallery participated together with the pompidou center.


here: graphite on paper


here _ photopaper laminated behind plexiglass


here wall painting in the space of a gallery


here playing with architectonic elements of the space: this is a colum in the gallery










III project: my first 500 hours basic chinese (3 year study project) 1999 - 2001

since 1992 I have been studying foreign languages as my artwork. these works are also video taped. but next to this long duration 500 hours of video, I also have a
"fast version" - 250 slides. (2 hours - a study unit that corresponds to a 120 min vhs tape)


below see: first the finished work as it was presented at the Rennaissance Society in Chicago, 2001


excerpts of the slides show were first presented at the Venice Biennial in 1999 when I was presented at the Austrian Pavillion.


here find two example: one in 1999 - my very first day:


from "My second 500 hours basic Chinese" in 20021 -

taken about 2002


Given the my long term intense study projects I have slides for the following projects:


My first 500 hours basic Chinese - 250 slides

My second 500 hours basic Chinese - 250 slides

Basic Japanese - hundreds of hours

My first 500 hours basic Arabic - 250 slides

Basic Korean - ---about 800 hours (400 slides)


50 Days, 2 Hours a Day, Basic Japanese, 1997

100 video tapes - 50 slides showing me studying in Tokyo


ketai denwa - 80 slides 1997 (Mobile phone) - it shows people in tokyo using the first mobile phones at a time they were not yet visible in the usa)

that work was first presented on THING.NET - directly on the interenet


here both slides shows are presented here at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria, with a variety of other materials, works and objects I used in relationship to my studies and the climbing of mount Fuji in 1997 - including



IV Betreten Verboten Wiener Parkanlagen, 1938 - 1999

No entry - parks in Vienna, 1938 - 1999

Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna 2001

100 slides plus photocopy of "Jüdisches Nachrichtenblatt" -

this paper gives a long list of all the parks and areas Jewish people were not allowed to enter: I went and rephotographed all these places: todaymany places are occupied also by socially weak and marginalized groups, (elderly people, immigrants, job less, children, druggs etc.) ... plus quite some remarkable war monuments: huge bunkers

the quality of the reproduction here on line is not good due to a bad slide scanner.







during both conflicts I took thousands of photographs fo the tv-screen and made these 2 web sllide shows..

they operate on random programms... currently running: about 200 on afghanistan and 500 on iraq