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Person's Weekend Museum, 1993 texts / catalog / word list

bijustkan ni sunde imasu / living in the museum, 1993

futon, computer, desk, chair

during the 4 month of this exhibition I was living in the museum to escape high rent. This work is part of my "basic Japanese sentences" followed by action. .

file, bijutsukan ni sunde imasu / living in the museum

computer print out, 8 1/2 x 11 inch

this is how it looked in the morning

though the museum visitor wouldn't get to see any of this. I would inhabit the museum only after museum hours

4th floor:

Basic Japanese, Study Sheets

Studying Japanese was integral part for this exhibition

Studying Japanese

here assisted by Noritoshi Hirakawa

Kanji grid, 1993

computer print out , paper

Kanji Grid, 1993

these grid is as a series an abstraction from my study material. I just left out the japanese characters. it addresses the geometrics of learning and exposes partially semantic prejudices.

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Basci Japanese, Nordanstadt exhibition, 1994 New York