iraq dialog


In Bremen, I am invited to an exhibition entitled: "nobody is an island." For this group exhibition in public spaces I would like to apply the Iraq Dialog works directly on the walls. We were able and gain the confidence of Binan Finjan and Ahmet Baban, both Iraqis who emigrated to Germany, living in Bremen. They both collaborated with me for this work and replied to the logos and titles of TV news regarding the Iraq crisis. The work started early 2003 before the war occured and was carried on after fighting activities were officially declared closed. More information onf Mister Finjan and Mister Baban will soon added.

Working in public space is less easy than anticipated. Private property owners have all rejected our initiatives. Even installling these works in public space wasn't easy. By the time of the openingwe were able to only put up 4 pieces.

Final works

production photos:


Okay and Kalina .. with me in the middle


production - colors


Kalina, Okay, Franz




Okay, Franz, Karin, Kalina


Karin and Kalina


Lia and Kalina


Kalina and Karin



Final works






location A

locaton B

locaton C

locaton D

locaton E

locaton F

locaton G