COMME des MARXISTS -- White Columns, New York 2013 / Performa, 2013

Cat Walk - White Columns, New York / Peroforma 2013

Intallation view - White Columns, New York

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design help and production Florentina Leitner.  - models _ "COVERED UP"

silk screening: Jonny Mitchel


ss   - front of dresses  -- inside the semi-transparent dress

s   - back of dresses  -- inside the semi-transparent dress






design interpretion, assitance and production Florentina Leitner; modeling -- covered up )


Both elements of this double title as well as the garments and masks that constitute this section are chosen to allude to Karl Marx’s most famous sentence: “Religion is the opium of the people.” In spite of many decades of secularization in the 20th century, right now, we are observing religion again as a main reason over which battles and wars are fought, and people and property are killed and ruined. We see even in advanced Western societies more and more attire that adheres to rather conservative, covering up religious traditions. Interested always in contradictions and dialectical propositions, I opted for a maximum of garment transparency covering all of the body and a facial cover up guaranteed by a black mask. In order to boost the title and reintroduce some non-transparency on the body I silk screened OPIUM and MARX COVER UP on over dimensional pieces of woven fabrics that were hang in front and in back of the very loosely machine stitched fabric.


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below.. communication... and drawigns..  -more to come



tehe is a mask like the one above below.




son one side wider.. so it looks  a bi like a sickle.. sickle motive worked in