In honor of my 94 year old jewish psychologist who started to work with children in 1943.

the occusion for this work: a show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York * a group show

Video work :one channel video work:

Context for this work

during the VIP dinner for the inauguration /opening, I was showing my psychologis the exhibition. I walked with her alone thorught the empty halls because she cannot

hear anything. In spite of her listening impediiment, i. e. the incapacity to hear, she is still working as a specialist in forenisc phychology, child abuse and post traumatic stress.

My psychologist (name give on request: ) is my private analyst and not a gorup therapist. She specialized in chidlren abuse (i was abused as a child)

and in post traumatic stress * i was separated from my own childnren, in fact as of this date my children have been withouhold from me.

additionally, i am suffering from the stress that is the restult of constant harassement which is an effect of post traumatic stress.

but ... as of now, i have not seen the children, two lovely chilcren, edgar ganahl and isodora ganahl, that live in another property.\

When i wanted to take care of my business i had to endure unnecessary stress.. the 1255 community of that house, which i am even owning

called the police on me like dogs in spite of the facdt that i have no cirminal restrainging order. there was a criminal restraining order but that order has expired

I was accused of having beaten my chldren by a woman who herself is subject of beatings, rape and abuse. I documented that ladz from day one. here she is: Romana

\the mother of mz kids


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