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this work was part of 'A painting show, Autocenter, Berlin'







bicycles and terrror, news paintings

Bicycle have been used at war for a long time, at least since WWI, (Bicycle infantry). The last bicycle unit was dispanded by Switzerland in 2003. in fact, At war, bicycles were used to movetroops, and equipment and supplies. In other wars throughout the century, bicycles also have played important parts (Vietnam war, in China, in Japan with about 50 000 bike troupes, WWII where British troupes used foldable bikes etc.. see also Reports can be found that special troups in Afghanistan are using bicycles in fight against the Taliban.

In cities world wide, bicycle units are used for regular policing.

Unfortunately, in recent decades, bicycles have also been used for delivering bombs, including in suicide missions. (don't forget people who want to kill do anything, including using baby strollers - so it is not the fault of the bicycle / I'm afraid that city officials could ban bikes on subways becaues of the potential for weaponizing it). As part of my news paintings. I have painted a selection of those reports below.


Installation view, accrylic paint on canvas





BBC.COM, Bicycle bomb explodes in Laos,11/9/ 2000, 2004

acrylic paint on canvas, 220 x 160 cm




click image to download hi res picture, bicycle bomb, 1/6/04, 2004

acrylic paint on canvas, certificate of authenticity, apprx. 84 x 64 inches (220 cm x 160 cm)



click image to download hi res picture, Reuters World News Higlights 1900 GMT, 1/9/04, 2004

acrylic paint on canvas, certificate of authenticity, apprx. 84 x 64 inches (220 cm x 160 cm)



Newspainting, Deutsche Welle, Bicycle Bomb Kills Locals, Injures German Soldier, 2/22/2006, 2006

acrylic paint on canvas, 220 cm x 180 cm





WALL PAINTINGS --- wall paintings - all along



Google "bicycle bomb", 2006/0 (wall painting - in this case, the wall painting failed due to insufficiant wall consistency

(for me it is not any problem since computers also fail sometimes when downloading a big file - now the thress stages of production

for this wallpainting are visible: 1. application of venyl transmask stencil 2. application of black acryl paint 3 removal of mask 4 cleaning out

of the remaining venyl. The Stuttgart walls are new and had only one coat of white wall paint which came down with step 3)

click image for hi res picture



Google "bicycle bomb", 2006/07, detail - not complete)

see also these wall paintings - @ dallas museum of art: or @ Skarstedt (Nordanstad-Skarsted, NYC 1992 ,or @ Randy Alexander, NYC, 1991 or @ Massimo Decarlo and many more instance