Das Zählen der letzen Tage der Sigmund Freud Banknote

Counting the last day of the Sigmund Freud money.

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I started to record my dreams in the summer of 2001 after I saw a 50 Austrian Schilling (ATS) bill on a refrigerator at a party in Brooklyn. I was wondering about the decorative functions of Austrian money in the USA. I was told Sigmund Freud is depicted on it. This was a surprise to me, having used this money for so many years without being aware of its iconography. I soon learned that many fellow Austrians ignored this little fact as well. I found it peculiar and indicative of Freud’s writing itself. With the looming introduction of the new European currency, Austrian legal tender was doomed to disappear. During the remaining eight months that Freud’s paper image circulated in the hands, pockets, cash registries, and banks of Austrians,
I created this dream-artwork, which I entitled Das Zählen der letzten Tage der Sigmund Freud Banknote [The Counting of the Last Days of the Sigmund Freud Banknote].
For this work I tried to remember my dreams and write them down as quickly and accurately as I could, often at the “scene of the crime,” that is, in bed, sometimes shaken up by a nightmare.
After having written down the dream on the computer,
I checked the value of the 50 ATS bill on CNN’s online currency converter. Simultaneously, this online service gave conversions for a number of other currencies.
I complemented these listings with the economic data of two major US stock indexes, the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq. At that moment, I also checked how many books on Sigmund Freud were offered on Amazon.
com and on, a German equivalent to the US online bookseller.

In the period from July 1, 2001 to the end of February 2002, when the actual currency ceased circulation, I produced 144 works with dreams. Thought I mostly slept at night, sometimes I also fell asleep during the day and dreamt. Many works contain multiple dreams, since I quite often dream several times a night. I experienced myself as a serial dreamer.

rainer ganahl on this work: here: Who wants to know anyway ?



Paul Mattick and Sylvère Lotringer - see below:



a selecdtion of drawings organized by time: (click and close window afterwards to return) ;

August 5, 2001- butter

August 8, 2001 - quiliting

September 2, 2001- mother flying police

September 19, 2001

September 14, 2001- Lausanne

September 19, 2001- Holzfaellen / wood cutter

September 20, 2001

September 22, 2001- attack from left and right

October 11, 2001- kidney

October 30, 2001

November 17. 2001- Stephan

November 23, 2001- Verteranen / veterans

December 6, 2001- Venice train

December 10, 2001- Raketenberg / rocket mountain

December 15, 2001

December 17, 2001

December 27, 2001- Bepperling, Drier

December 28, 2001- flying machine memory

January 1, 2002 - BMW father

January 2, 2002 - skying Montafon

January 4, 2002- Geneva show Pasher

January 5, 2002- bicycle flying

January 7, 2002 - WG flying motz

January 8, 2002- Bin Laden and Haru's mother

January 9, 2002- Momoyo books

January 10, 2002- history channel

January 11, 2002- Nuit, Serano friends

January 17, 2002- Stephan

February 2, 2002- Okwui

February 10, 2002- Geneva Laurence Weiner

February 12, 2002- Beach DeCaprio

February 13, 2002- Inventor

February 16, 2002- avalanche stones



these works were shown in these exhibitions:

Baumgartner Gallery, New York, 2002

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna - wall project 2003




d 8.5 x 11 inchesd




Rainer Ganahl (Putnam, CT: Spring Publications, 2005)

with texts by Rainer Ganahl, Paul Mattick and Sylvère Lotringer - see table of content above

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