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Baumgarnter Gallery, New York, 2002 "money and dreams"

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installation view ___ click picture for detailed works

installation view with "night vision" - video, 5 min. (falling styropores filmed at night with night vision making sounds) - and the videos: "Interretation of dreams" , "Discontent in culture", "Beyond the pleasure principle" and "The ego and the it" with books kicked and destroyed. see also pictures below.

click picutre above for more detailed on videos.

see parts of video : Nightvision (close window to return)

see part of video: The Ego and the Id (close window to return)

"Bicycle" (5 min) showing me circuling a bicycle in hte middle of the street with Haruko O. click picture for more information.


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paper and pencil drawing, 75 x 105 cm

installation view


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