.............................CONTESTED SPACE , FIRENZE / FLORENCE, ITALY 03/04

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Stamps - THIS SERIES IS BASED ON STAMPS MADE FROM DRAWINGS OF MINE (click) Here you see the stamps before they are sent to Italy for an exhibition. It is not sure whether they will arrive or be fished out since these are now official US postal stamps.

I also wanna point out that this art piece is in violation to US laws. I can get into serious legal troubles with this project and do therefore ask anybody to contact me prior to publication. (the postcards don't have any expeditor address to protect myself for this piece - in case you are the receiver of one of these post cards please, do not publish or make public or give my name in case the authorities investigate)

This series of 10 postcard is sent on 11/27/03 for the exhibition: Contested Space, in Florence curated by Marco Scotini.

Should the picutres not arrive because of my fake stamps and the effectivness of the control the curator will just show the printouts of this web site:


CARISSIMI AMICI miei, forse vi ricordate che anch io ho fatto una mostra a Firenze in un posto che si chiama Base. Peccato che ci manca la base per finire qusto regime attuale. ciao rg

Transl:Dear friends, may be you remember that me too I made an exhibition in a place, called "base". It is too bad that there is no base to finsih this actual regime. ciao rg



carissimi amici, anch io vorrei essere nato in un paese che ha prodotto un artista cosi bravo che poteva aprire anche un albergo a kabul. utti imiei saluti a quelli che si ricordano il nostro amico alligiero. ciao rainer

my dearst friends, me too I wanna be born in a country that has produced such a great artist that he even was able to open a hotel in kabul. I say hello to all those who remember our great friend alligiero. ciao rainer



carrissimi amici, lo so che la vita diventara piu difficile se ci sono i canibali, i Bush, i Berlusconi a dominarci. un saluto da new york. rainer

my dearest friends, I know that life is getting mroe and more difficult when we have canibals, Bushes and Brlusconis who dominate us. Greating from new york rainer.


carissimi amici, lo so che anche voi dovete soffrire un casino di attaqui nell 'nuovo iraq'. ma perche devono essere li? secondo Bush queste torre gemelle portrebbono essere rifate a Baghdad. Che paura! r

my dearest friends, I know that you also suffer a lot from these attacks in the 'New Iraq". but why do they have to be there? If it is according to Bush these twin towers woudl be remade in Baghdad.. how fearful. R


Carrismo amici, non c'e piu. grazie ai nostri cai politichi il mondo sta diventando pericoloso. sono loro che si inrichiano ancora con questo business della securita. ora devon anch io comprare una pistoletta. r

Dear friends, it 's gone. Thanks to our political leaders the world gets more dangerous. It is they who enrich themselves with this security business. Now, me too, I have to buy a little gun. r



Carissimi amici, siamo tutti vecchii! il giovane Bush sa meglio di noi... ma quanti anni hai tu? troppo vecchio per george. lui forse ha la malatia di "jacko" - a New York, alla televisone solo M. Jackson. ciao rainer

Dear friends, we are all old! The young Bush knows that better. .. But how old are you? Too old for George. He might suffer the "jacko desease" - in New York all tv sets are full wiht M jackson. ciao rainer


Carissimi amici, un poricle, una mitrajetta, un libretto e dodici auguri per un anno meno rico. ami-richezza. > america. ciao rg

My dearest friends, a pig, a machine gun, a libretto and a dozens of good wishes for a new year that is less rich. ami-richezza (do you love richness) > america .ciao rg


Carissimi amici, i mieie saluti per la vostra festa da New York. RG
Cear friends, my greetings to you r party from New York. RG


Carissimi Amici, come state voi. io faccio gia incubi in qui sono trattato che se fosse gia messo a Guantanomo bay. a presto RG

Dear friends, how are you? I am having already nightmares in which I am treated as if I am put to Guantanamo bay. A presto RG


(ps: please, do not print any of these cards without my consent. the stamps are in violation of US laws and I could get into troubles. so please, contact me before you decide to publish or otherwise make public this rather 'clandestine' private project.. - homeland security and other agencies are no joke in the USA!)


keep in mind that this site is utterly private and only forwarded to friends of mine I trust..

cards sent to witte zaal, ghent - without fear or reproach, ghent, witte zaal.

Cards to friends 1

cards to friends 2