.............................without fear or reproach, witte zaal, ghent, 2003 - group show

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Stamps - THIS SERIES IS BASED ON STAMPS MADE FROM DRAWINGS OF MINE (click) Here you see the stamps before they are sent to Italy for an exhibition. It is not sure whether they will arrive or be fished out since these are now official US postal stamps.

I also wanna point out that this art piece is in violation to US laws. I can get into serious legal troubles with this project and do therefore ask anybody to contact me prior to publication. (the postcards don't have any expeditor address to protect myself for this piece - in case you are the receiver of one of these post cards please, do not publish or make public or give my name in case the authorities investigate)

This series of 10 postcard is sent on 11/27/03 for the exhibition: WIHTOUT FEAR OR REPROACH, WITTE ZAAL, GHENT 2003 - GROUP SHOW (jerome jacobs)


Dear visitor, what a grat adn fearful world! what a fearful word! ar you really sure your neighbor isnot a terrorist? do you think US postal service police will lick this card and look for fngerprints, show up in ghent and suspect me to be part of this vip club? r


Dear visitor, what is the difference between a newspaper and a group show? ask US pstmaster. rg


Dear visotr, Writing to you from New York. I wish I could enjoy the OLD GOUDA prodcued near by you. we here, we are just a bit nervous and me in particular. I used to violate importation rules and carry cheeze with me but in these days I 'm jus ttoo paranoid.


Dear visotr, Do you switch on your TV when US bombs distribute democracy, freedom, human rights, petrolium rights, educatoin for women, reconstruction contracts and better? r


Dear visitor, TOYS'R US? and what do you eat? I guess the proper mean would have been belgian fries, n'est-ce pas? r


Dear visitor, I hope you are armed with guns, graffiti cans, lawyers, valium, anti-depressants, money and some vivid internet site. I wish it all weren't true.



to the curator:

cher jerome, comment vas tu? finalement, je me suis dit, pour jerome je dois meme contre-dire les loies de ce pays. j'ai vraiment faim et je regret que tu n'as plus ce super restaurant. vive les fries. PS: I hope they don't fry me! r



(ps: please, do not print any of these cards without my consent. the stamps are in violation of US laws and I could get into troubles. so please, contact me before you decide to publish or otherwise make public this rather 'clandestine' private project.. - homeland security and other agencies are no joke in the USA!)


keep in mind that this site is utterly private and only forwarded to friends of mine I trust..

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