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short CV

publications / books



Elisabeth Peyton, Untiteld (Rainer Ganahl), 1992 Watercolor on paper; 11 x 8 1⁄2 in. (27.9 x 21.6 cm


Tracy Nakayama, Rainer, acryl on canvas, 145 x 100 cm, 2007



Ellen Harvey, 100 Visitors in the Biennial Immortalized, 56, Rainer Ganahl, 2008 (pencil on paper and ballpen on paper, each sheet 8 1/2 x 11 inches)


s s

"My moving Guest", 2-26-02, Elke Krystofek




NSA portrait...



ganahlboetti, con articolazioni / with joints, 2006 photograph, (approx. 30 x 24 inches) - dt: Gelenke


Alleghieri e Boetti had a car crash in the early 1980s and spent nearly a year in the hospital being fixed up again. this drawing was one of his first works that he made addressing his somehow desintegrated body. by accident, I was wearing a car racing t-shirt. the Boetti belongs to Mario and Dora Pierroni, people who invited me to Rome to create my Roma Bicycling piece which could have catapulted me to the hospital as well.

bicycling roma - it 's me


The apprentice in the sun - Bicycling Bucharest., see video


click image for hi res.



me as a model for Oscar Magnuson; (Photo by Erika Svensson, 2010





New Orleans, 2006


Geneva 2006 - about to steal a car...



Monroe with me in 1991 - in Moscow during the Jelzin putch (tanks all over the street - a couple of people were shot at one point; and parlament bombed etc)


Homeland security at Germanwings, 2006

Seriously, I was considered a threat to security and was removed from the aircraft after having borded in a wrong outfit sitting on a wrong seat (behind the cockbeat door = first row in aircraft)


Me, seen as by Tracy Nakayama, 2006



Me as seen by Ylva Ogland, Stockholm 2007


Ylva Ogland, New York 2007



Me as seen by Ellen Harvey, 2002


Peter Fend, 1999 or so



Rainer Ganahl, Irene Hohenbüchler, 1986 oil on canvas, appr. 110 x 50 cm





see also, FACE TO FACE - a portrait show




Yuko Torihara, 2014


I really was a ski accrobat - its me at age 18 or so




Back flip (can t tell whether here double or simple) with twist -not sure whether here)  must hve beein aroudn 1979/80 in Austria

below - see me and my artist friend andreas hofer --- FINALE EUROPE COUP, 1979  -

(andy and me, we both didn t believe each other and i found these papers... on which we both particapted) - for those who stlll dont believe me

i still have the pants.--