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video Bicycling FIAT - The Lingotto Fiat Factory 1921 - 2007, Turin

face to face

peter fend, rainer ganahl, ellen harvey, vladimir ilich lenin, tracy nakayama, ylva ogland

Galeria Vitamin, Torino, May 2007

curated by Lorenzo Bruni



Rainer Ganahl, Ylva Ogland, New York 2007


Rainer Ganahl Speaks Global Speech, Peter Fend, , 1999 (plus minus)


Rainer Ganahl, Ellen Harvey, 2002


ganahlboetti, con articolazioni / with joints, Rainer Ganahl, 2006 photograph, (approx. 30 x 24 inches) - dt: Gelenke


Alleghieri e Boetti had a car crash in the early 1980s and spent nearly a year in the hospital being fixed up again. this drawing was one of his first works that he made addressing his somehow desintegrated body. by accident, I was wearing a car racing t-shirt. the Boetti belongs to Mario and Dora Pierroni, people who invited me to Rome to create my Roma Bicycling piece which could have catapulted me to the hospital as well.






Leggere Lenin, Torino, 2007 - photos 20x24 inches, 51 x 61 cm






print and ink on paper, 84.5 x 63.2 cm


Reading Lenin - reading seminars

these reading seminars consist of reading Lenin. Reading sessions are planed in several European cities including at Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse, Zürich, the former address of Lenin himself during World War I. One day will also be helt at the top of a Swiss mountain which Lenin visited during his stay. (February 2006, with the help of Adrian Notz and organized by Susanne Neubauer). So far scessions include New York, Baltimore and coming soon: Stuttgart and Warsow (in former soviet style government palace) and MOSCOW.


From the Lenin Monument, October Square, to Lenin Mausoleum, Red Square - Bicycling Moscow, 2007

this is one of the few Lenin statues still in place.


Bicycling FIAT - The Lingotto Fiat Factory 1921 - 2007, Turin




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