bocca lupa ... the mouth of the femal wolf --- my tongue is your passpord  


 OK ONCLE MACHIAVELLI IS DEAD.. AND so are many of my once living real teachers... the last one who i regret terrible is my former PUBLISHER "Renowned French thinker Sylvère Lotringer, a lodestar in the twin galaxies of literary criticism and cultural theory, died on November 8 at the age of eighty-three following an illness. Beginning in the 1970s, Lotringer reshaped the American literary scene through the journal Semiotext(e), which he began publishing while teaching at Columbia University. The journal evolved into an independent publishing house of the same name, which through its English translations of their texts introduced American readers to such French giants of philosophy as Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Michel Foucault, Jean-François Lyotard, and Paul Virilio. Lotringer was born in Paris in 1938 to Polish Jewish immigrants who had fled Warsaw in 1930. His early childhood was marked by the Nazi occupation of Paris, and in 1949 he moved with his family to Israel. Lotringer returned the following year to join the Socialist Zionist youth movement Hashomer-Hatzair, of which he would remain a member for eight years, eventually becoming a leader within the organization. In 1958, he entered the Sorbonne, where he cofounded, with Nicole Chardaire, the literary magazine L’Étrave, and began contributing to Paris-Lettres, the journal published by the French Students’ Association. To avoid being enlisted in the French fight against Algerian colonial independence, a battle he did not support, he pursued a Ph.D., enrolling in the École Pratique des Hautes Études. There, under the supervision of Roland Barthes and Lucien Goldmann, he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the work of Virginia Woolf, while working as a correspondent for Louis Aragon’s journal Les Lettres Francaises. After a brief stint teaching for the French Cultural Services in Turkey, he took a job teaching at Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College before landing at Columbia University in New York in 1972. Two years later, Lotringer with his then-partner Susie Flato and grad student John Reichman began publishing Semiotext(e),   " --- this is WHY I was enough KITCH FOR HIM -- with what ... READING SEMIINARS --- and one more time for an interview i did with JULIA KRISTEVA .... no idea where that book is but it exists -- i lost a lot but at least I WAS UNCONSTITUTIONALL FIRED FROM MY ART ACADEMY WIHICH AS A TENURED PROFESSOR for germany is nothing short of BIZARRE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL .... BASED ON WAGAMAMA CRAZY TESTS.. see how crazy i am below. (web site in the making .. everything is in the making .... )     translate   ???? as "self-indulgent", "self-centred", "disobedient", or "wilful" or "naughty" but not as mean or violent and psychiatrically insane. !!! and the russian psychiatrist for the land badenwuerthemberg gave me this... the NYC psychiatirst immediately attested me that i m not insane and fit for teaching and doing art and defining what teaching and art making is - including that i m fit to parent                    



damned russia  fuck that shit..  i eat apples and make fashion lumpen salat 


 the italian police also raped me when i was a teenager in palermo.. assholes they are. and when they slapped me in their cirucle outside the bolognia university celebraton .. fuck them really .. meaning there is a running topic in the blood of authories and yoiu better what .. what other people say... watch you tongue, what you ass.. .. this is why ... according to the new TWITTER OWNER.. why the richest man of the world ELON MUSK ..paypal  bitcoin space x inventor.. immigrant or so... who cares... at this point.. the richtes man now in the world... .. yes.. today he said free speech.. LOL... STUNNING... DEMOCRACY IS UNDER THREAT... AND ME .. they axed me.. bc of a swiss dean . .thanks i did t have to smile in her face bc she lield she lied she lied.. she lied into my face and never said anything .. meaning .. i can t even start but she she is not the topic of this .. but wow.... wow 



i need to charly chaplin ---- toss and my sex drops in the the basket of the usa REMEMBER SLAVERY JANUARY 6TH 2020 WHEN I WAS ... I DO NOT WANNA EVEN SAY A WORD.. I MENA .. THE ATTACK HAPPENED IN 2019 IN MY CASE.. but i hold out in SUNNNY NYC.. (TODAY A NEW SPRING.. BUT IN AMERICA IN THE SOUTH. they used bombings and systematic air attacks to stay RACIST and PRO slavery and that legacy keeps running accross the usa psychee.. hence i love one more time in retrospect... sylvere .. sylvere sylvere and his great writer friend.. who taught me already in 1990 .. chris kraus. and spivak and many more... many more..               




Your painting should say: PFIZER VACCINE AND BOOSTER SCAM Pfizer is the big scam

 mister mister mister BELGIUM .. ONE MORE TIME .. mexico ... i love him .. the zwirnER GUN RUNNER AND DRAWER OF SMALL BLACK AND WHITE FILMS... ..  we know for a long time.. at least since we visited  him in mexico and before at A BUNCH OF OTHER VENICE SHOW... WHEN I HAD 100 METER AT THE ARSENALE.. THANKS TO ROBERT STORR.. 

yes.. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG... BUT HIS hands pilled up wiht appologies and nice nice colonail postcolonial drawings.... anyhow.. sorry i was already showing for so long at the  IXEL MUSEUM WHICH IS HARD CORE HARD CORE CONGO LOVING CONGO EXPLOITING, CONCO one  more time .. one more time.... lets make money with africa and the post pre and post post post colonial situation .. hence.. why i jump right away to READING NOT ONLY HOBBES AND MARX AND MACCHIAVELLI BUT even the journal of how to make colors from nohiting to a lot of shit in the ukraine.. 

i must stop because now i m sure .. david will soon sohw him one more time... but he does look good in my black outfits with the ttoxic signs// where is my stolen black bicycle here... 

and why am i here in the first place... sorry i m here 

labor camps in the soviet union, labor camkps in the usa prison system... and trading prisoners.. sounds like also disgusting 

human toxic relatinsiiop are my bred and butter... MURCHANDS OF DEATH... shit shit shit .. la passion la verdi pizzaria 

the dumo is a piece of shit.. sorry.. i speak french .. or geman or what not but MODERNA .. WELL... espionage i havent gotten labeled against me 

my masks i   

my masks i use a condoms... but indeed. the flight was just unredeemed milage    

the teacher run around - barbara krueger - she must be poor now

 the return of the 1980s is the return of the cold war, the return of pattern and decoraton, the return of massive corruption, hyper violence and a new TOXIC AGE OF intransparency, death and deft openly and publicly... as if the difference would matter but she got it right.... PLEURE - WEINEN - CRY / AND sing old songs during masks wine and COVID but make sure the pharmaceutical industrial complex plus the banks and internatinoalism is not left out.. you ll see the party... sorry i only use my hands and my iphone and do not even know how to pay my bills --  sorry i m poor                     


austra and japan are sorry to say ... I am not guy but i was  after haffing been attacked in 2020 .. almost been raped and that is not funny. .and i shouldn t say taht was funny but constasntly .. including today.. constantly constantty been called.. fucking fagot asshole.. simply because of how i dress in harlem and nearly everywhere i go... even in berlin .. NOT COOL AT ALL 

HENCE SEE THESE GREAT ARTIST WHO ADDRSS THE TOPIC OF GENDER... TO SAY ausitra japan and see who else you recognize

macchiavelli of course. bc this man has a taste for .... 





 france this years is into tango and dance and the studio of a writer.. emigration ... and green is my name 

video and lets dance and pretend there never was an empire but at least i learned how to do 3 d animations .... and win from the pompidou.. in their collection since the the late 80s or so and shown recently .. whenl i was there but again withoiut any ideas what to do else but make a new art work ... with ink.. hence writing.. my art ist .. has been and will be nothing but bad writing ....            


below a marxist german writer and reporter.. who finally on a gondola was able to have himself depicted    


 BELOW SEE THE LADY .. EGITTO EGYPTIAN OR NOT.. but thanks to EDWARD SAID, COLUMBIA.EDU WHO let me sit and talked to me and let me depict him and let me let me let me... next to princes and others .. he taught me that VERDI was the biggest PIZZA EATER.. AND HAD FOR HIS OPERA verdi .. the completion of the suez canal... .. HIS OWN OPERA HOUSE BUILD hence my taste for the 1 dollar pizza performance opera... piece.... .. yes.. performa material but why why why can t i make it anew... with music and variations... o patria  NUOVA /// glorie to all migrants          i love opera and poetry 

 my good old friend MARTIN GERMANN knows that I love to speak and learn JAPANESE - he serves now the Mori MUSEUM... and mariko was my first japanese teacher - (that mother speaks fluent german and DUTCH.... a scholar of Vermeer since they have one at home.. the only one in the country)


 one of the most ARROGANT COLLECTORS WAS BRITISH ... AT THE venice biennial hard to believe .. i have her but she is not worth the the celluid ..... 

 this is 

---- insert : me too and racists concern at nyc .. a doctor really big.. is not getting his pro job from NUY.. no idea i do not have prolbemsl like that .. only misspelling problems 

 GB MODEL WITH DIRECT AFRICAN CONNECTIONS WITHOUT THE CARIBIQUE OR THE USA... BUT BEHIND.. see the US pavillion where an african american lady had to hide the the roof... not quite understanding why we need to think in straw 

but i should shut up otherewise i GET AGAIN ATTACKED IN THE STREET AND PEOPLE ACCUSE ME TO BE USING CERTAIN WORDS THAT JUSTIFY AN ANNEWED ATTACK ON MY LIFE BC WHERE I live in HARLEM ... IT IS REALLy super complicated... and do not ask what goes on around my neck.. because after alll .. this drip is a PEACE MAKING MISSION in regard to the almost genoice in the ukraine.. hence.. beyond race. but putin is racist and unfortuntatly even my friends are more racists and anti semitic as necessary.. because .... i have to shut up if i do not wanna be killed

but why was my name on the books as well.. bc nobody nobody recognized me except my friends and those who worked with me in the past.. and after nearly 4 decades.. sorry i m white and eurpean and speak russian and have kids and sorry.. why did 

why did 

why did

she not mind.. but i m amazed how people and fuck the pope who really during the post nazi time just stamped people *big nazi bosses.. out to south america... not cool at all. not coll at all but to be 

dismissed just becuase i make no money.. also not cool because this big big israeli collector and characters buys what he sees in the the pavillions because he is one of the  . .they are one of the biggest collecotr couples.. sorry im am not gay.. 

see below the model curator or not exactly sure what her ... exact rule is but she made it in and even i was admitted as a scamer... 




from behind the daughter of my most important currator #HARALDSZEEMANN .HS daughter #unaszeemann but   let them grand annonymity... i rather wonder why this shirt went to a curator at the MUNCH MUSEUM .... no idea why why are all markets up when my shirts are worth shit and my carreer is simply what it is... floating in the wind... tomorrow is called MANANA IN RUSSIAN.. NOT REALLY .. but the swiss pavillian .. damned that was a who is who 

meet again ===== that afterparty was literally drawn in the palazzo of lusso .... 



 ed - an amazing man who pushed so much art at such high volume that i so-called BURNED OUT and is selling (in my case giving away peace cancles -- located in his home LONDON - BUT wealth screwed his origins up .,,, but he has at least an amazing american wife and i wish them good luck... he let me sleep on his sofa which is more or less all i need .. see below.             



 art is over. the age OF THEFT AND RUBBERY STARTS - did it ever beginn or end ?

 the textile trade is flurishing .... alone here... my neighbors do the work with AFRICAN CLIENTS since the beginning in European factory age (mountains provided the hydro power ...hence where i come from  .... see here -   that gave me nicely asthma (one factory in one place meant soon more factory in a place meant soon exhaust as much poison as u can ...we had rivers next to a chemical plant that changed the color of the river from YELLOW TO ORANGE TO PINK AND BLACK AND WHITE BUT .. today, i keep my eyes open when it comes to BLUE AND YELLOW  ---- SORRY I AM MAKING things fast but not as fast because i need to also paint               - but i keep surviving because it COULD BE WORSE - in times of war, be in open stylish camouflash and make it work for yoursefr -- somehow     

 please NOTICE.... THESE WORKS WERE MADE WITH  RUSSIA RAPING THE UKRAINE ... in mind.. hence disregard my negative excitement and all allusions to violence BECAUSE I ADVOCATE FOR PEACE



sorry.. i break up here and inset the nyc  art fairs 2022     


he is read RUSSIAN AND UKAINIEN AND MANAGES A GREAT RESTAURANT IN CHELSEA AND HAD HIS TABLES MADE in  UKRAINIAN COLLORS.. he is amazing but he at least is jewish and not kiled here. but he is totally confused.. and disgusted and agreed to immeditatly be phpotographed and modeled. thanks to him 



Editor of 4, inkjet print, 20 x 24 inches

 first thing you do is to shoot the BROTHER, THE HOST, THE UKRAINIAN BOSSES AND CALL IT A BROTHERLY EMBRASSE .... what the fuck is going on in the villa of PUTIN... WHY DID HE SEND ME as a james bond to commit these DISGUSTING READING MACHIAVELLI SCENES... THE CARPETS WHERE TOTALLY BURNED and we even managed to spill all testing results back to the lab of the olympic russian performers wiht a new name .. the name is called KEIV AND is the proxi-war now in the GRAVE YARD OF yeltsin or GORBATCHEV.. I thiknk it s  called BUDAPEST PLUS viienna has no ITALIAN COOKS ANYMORE. THEY ALL volunteer to go to fight the RUSSIANS IN THE ukraine.. what the fuck.. 



 THE NIGHTMARE IS CALLED ukraine was the vicitim if anybody believes in wishful thinking. but my thinking is streight forward.. not even out of an agatha chrisie story. GENOCIDE IN THE UKRAINE IS NEARLY REAL.. NOT EXACTLY LIKE ANNO DAZUMAL ABER FAST.. MEANING ALMOST .. QUASI COME SEMPRE.   an inferno but fashoin is a nice way to express it on a battlefield beyond your dreams with actresses forecd to come to the film studio cinecita milano


 schlachtfeld: religion and race, medicine and pharmacy, real estate and money, schlachtfeld - ich komm zu kurz. langer atem oder drei masken - geimpft oder beschimpft ... i lose i lose i lost VOSTELL WAS IS A HERO BUT ... alte zeiten .... neue models.. dieselben kriege.. sorry i speak itallian and german . ... and my head is made of WAX... CABINET STUFF.. LIKE MACHIAVELLI IS THE NAME OF OUR AREA ....        


 copyright rainerganahl design and idea rainerganahl sorry but these are images i am supposed to live on but evidently forget about it .. anyhow in case of pubication ask me .. in fact.. i work on one in fact sorry you are so beautiful and thanks for acting and performing in a peaceful manner... hence do not kill me.. do not rap me, do not steal my futur nor my ability to finally one day have a family .. i mean i love kids but no money... better be rich or if poor do not steal them or extort money like certain people do who are endlessly in court... do not mentino names.. bc i have these names... 



 vostell was one of the best UNDER. RATED NEXT TO PAIK ... cologne artists in the paradise .... 

of those who do not mistake  JAPAN FOR AUSTRIA BUT .. BUT.. fuel fossile fuel rule the world.. 

hypocracy -  germany, italy and austria.. * an old nazi alience... they convert as of today their PETRO DOLLARS INTO RUBEL... LOL .. BOOSTING THE RUSSIAN CURRENCY AND POLAND SAYS NO .. their gas lines are closed... and do not even ask the rest .. of how shit is shit and .... 


nyc also knows a lot about PIZZA PHILOSOPHY AND HOLDING STRONG BETWEEN YOUR LEGS... MEANING... DO NOT MISBEHALF AT PARTIES .. DO NOT BRING YOURD DAMNED OUTFIST FROM COMMEDESMARXISTS.COM AND advertise       machiavelli -- except you have an all white super magnifenct crowd of greek only speaking people with the only two exceptions - the lady who works for PETTITBONe and the ARCHITECT WHO HAD THE MOST AMAZING ... you all will be stars talk -- he is a archtect and a founder and he is all green .. ME i made a joke out of myself.. but i did not make NUCLEAR THREATS LIKE KIM JONG UN ... THEY .. dictators for the world are all into sabre russling.. menaing ready to kill and putin is doing it while we speak and photographed here.. in nyc tribecca on april 29, to early morning in the year of 2022 while the ukrainian war kept kiling and raping people .. hence even covid is still here.. ... but nyc manhattan pretty cool. il wish they could forget a few people from the crete iseland and send them here for internship .. meaing to harlem .. a harlem i love                           

 BELOW right here. .she is A TWITTER FUTURE FREE SPEECH ADVOCATE AND GET ME HERE ALONE TROUGH THE CONTRIBUTION ON MY reaing machiavelli drawing a COCAIN BACK INTO THE COCA COLA DRAWING.. MEANING too many too many zeros after the big scammers who killed my dick and my flavor for ladies .. i mean... what the fuck is it that keeps me poor 

 the colorfull outfits.. the clown outfits are mine  


 THE ALL VIRGIN CLUB IS not the virgina atlanta ... that british billionair who owns virgin atlanta


 THE ukrainian #DONALDTRUMP #CONSPIRACY .. now he got his film done soon... the investigation into vote   FRAUD  PIZZA GATE .... MINI NUKES 

PIZZA MONSTROSITY DYNAMITE AKA BLOWE  LIKE  DAVID BOWIE ... HE also in my photo files and his attitude was really insane.... but at least he was a US start with a legacy .... minus marx minus machiavelli... waiting here as a hostige for covid ... to disappear... curious whether they get it or not in all likelyhood not but they might get something else .... 

 immediatly they fight over pizza and dicks bc that is the nature of human beeing when let lose.. in particular when at strange houses that have only one problem... too much money ... for many in that area .. too much money .. while mine is too many images that i can simply feed to the pigs.... 


 socialist club ob BUENA VISTA ... theoretical guard phd archtectos greek is my name - pizza my appendix . drink a lot and shine... as long as the party lasts the beauty of the stars in my hand .. i banged my head before covid on the wrong starlet of the writing club and that got me burned for 6 week nyc presbyterian.. and that was shit shit shit ... bc once the police and the psychiatric morons on top of you .. u r luna dresses sink deep into .. not even depression .. in my case.. i was just making nice drawings but as yoiu can read..   ZOZZIAAAATY IZ   MEANNNNN .. BEST conversation in there a hassidic jew i loved because out of vienna.. he constantly came lookin after he passport.. wow... did i like these 6 weeks till covid came and ratted me out.. nearly .. wow... hat was hilarious... that money i lost then in early 2020... do not count... fuck it all.. just continue and sing the song... SSSSS           


 FOLLOW ME ON IG: RAINERGANAHL so u get the know when my next shows are.. i can t invite individually.. sorry i need to use web sites for fun over... and also even  @commedesmarxists but always in trouble... always too much shit .. called IMAGES AND .... now even hard wear .... as an professor ex professor emeritus .. google me simply withe the term "rainer ganahl fashion space london "na fine art museum for fashion as art.. but nobody gets that if not an ideot like me ... read FLAUBERT  l ideot de la familie .. or russian stories are also ok but do not tell them you studied philosophy ... u might also get in trouble when the nights are long ... hence... rather stay in the hotel room but better get laid in the city that hosts you because you are alive only once.. hence call me dick but do that virtually with .... at least not with your own students... but the rest is kind of out of my control but warnings shots are better than bombing raids or nuclear TCHERNOBYL DUST... may be that made me SO USELESS. WIHT TOOLS 


THE LESBIENARA ALL BLACK ... dragon asian wish list... dick dick dick.. for the adults because hotel equals sex list .. but best news so far... a brit mp was tossed for seeing porn on his mobile .... lol


 have you ever seen LOVE WITHOUT TOXICITY...POISON .. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN CIVIL WARS WITHOUT THE UTTER DRIVE TO KILL AND TO RAPE AND TO DESTROY EVEYTHING TILL THE LAST VICTIM IS SHOT IN THE HEAD.. WELL.. welcome to the russian empire of fuck this all.... HITLER DID IT , STALIN DID IT WHY SHOULD PUTIN THE BASTARD THE REAL SUPER KILLER OF THE 21 CENTURY OF GENOCIDE LIKE UTTER DISTRUCTION AND THAT SHIT REPEATS AND traumatizes people down to their core... core and anus and vagina and up the rectum this MASS KILLER EQUIPPED WITH MISSILES THAT CAN REACH ANY TARGET hence we talk about a PROXI WORLD WAR.. and TAIWAN WILL BE NEXT bc if you are an art historian you should read my long paintings as scrolls .. scrolls as we know the from fucking religous times.. when i run out of ideas.. i simple mow down with my generals of fashion and love here even with a generation of flower power art students... the lower tip of manhattan.. where wall street goes down into hell ... hell riders... yes.. mount my flying carpet and call it LIKE IN THE GUCCI FILM paradise.. but the VERSACE FILM is even better.. there.. u see the casting crew even more mean... more neglected...but i ys.. i love the outfits by MARY katrantzou... greek designer.. sorry to be such a loser with my commedesmarxists shit but at least it s fun and super expensive to produce....                              

another austria pavillion articipant minus me ... she loved the silly LUMPEN PERIOD IN MY LIFE  - INSANITY TILL IT IS NOT REAL OR REAL.. //. FASHION IS STILL THE BIGGEST SUCKER IN OUR LIFE NEXT TO FOSSILE FUEL but i have no clue how to make money  or even to survive but at least we are survinving so far and have even fun.. minus love, minus a believe in institution who steel and murder and alienate and are hypocritical to the point of no return when it comes to global warning or the sales of arms or ethnic cleansing or what the fuck is really wrong so to say post covid.... 


julia scherr the queen of security warning of a totally controlled society . she loves retirment  we know for decades  



 above see LUDOVICA FROM MASSIMO DECARLO how granted me three shows in a row.. nobody did  ----- in 1992   later again   in 1997   gucci ... * fashion interest ....   and the last show.... really .. 20 YEARS AGO.... IT MEANS... IN 2001 ... MEANING.... rudy stingle said last time i saw him.. there might be still a possibility one day.... I SAW... LOL .. bc in these days... i only ask .. may i clean the carpet .... I m staying on          it was a please, teach me ITALIAN SHOW...   today, today,  may 7 2022 ... i say .. why not.. because we are in the GUILDED AGE ... but my typing got worse.. I LOVE THESE to guys 




berlin chile architect and his amazing kids.. he came with his family and i know them really really as the most decent man in the world and he know me for years.. and see how kids are not a crime .. do not have to be a crime .. .unless in my case.. where i was seeing just shit and jails and mental institution and the most disgusting things.... i wonnna vomit one more time  


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