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Lenin, Dadaism and Terror ("Buttchered like cattle")

The Soviet Union and its repressive politics is a fact. Stalinism and his regime of terror that cost the lives of millions of people is also a fact. And so was the brutal rule of Lenin before his death.

Here are just some of the gruesome facts about Lenins direct murderous operations:

Though Lenin had opposed the death penalty before he was in power he soon swtiched his opinion and states: "No revolutionary government can live without the death penalty" (Edward Hallet Carr, The Boshevik Revolution, London, Macmillian & Cie, 1950; french edition: p. 159) December 7th, 1917 Lenin founded the TSCHEKA, a specially vicious police force run by Dzierzynski, himself a former prisoner to Siberia, who knew what kind of cruelty was administring. The Tscheka was in addition to the already special former tzarist police unit, Ochrana, which imprisoned Lenin and many others and was kept in full operation. Lenin commanded the immediate shooting and execution of people they doomed culprits. Stalin was brough into the club who was exceptionally eager to follow Lenins orders in executing thouthands of people, and that even before the socalled official doctrine off "Red Terror" that took off after September 1918..In the initial phase of massacres , the victims were mostly Russian anarchists and other people of the radikal left that he deemed not conform with his ideology. Historical records state, that alone in September of 1918, the beginning of the Red Terror doctrine, 50 000 people were massacred though some survivors say that the numbers might be higher (see: Borys Lewytsky, Die rote Inquisition, Frankfurt, 1967 p. 36). After the end of 1920 about a half a million people were massacred in a civil war and many more in the Chaos that followed marked by starvation. (about 5 millions starved to death)

For example: take the example of the royal family, the Romanovs. Without any process, the entire royal family, - Zar Nicolaus II, his wife Alexandra, his son Alexej, his four daughters and four other members of the family,- was taken in the basement and shot dead. A day later, other members of the royal family in other parts of Russia were also executed in the same way., without trial, without the public, but with the personal order of Lenin. The French Revolution during its most lethal phase worked at least with ad hoc courts and public executions, not so Lenin and his executioners.

Other more cynical executions are the followings: On January 1920 Dzierzynski published in Iswestija a general amnesty for people on deathrow effective the following day. But this same night, the dame Dzierzynski, working for Lenin and his order, ordered the execution of all those people on death row (300 in Moscow, 400 in Petersburg, 52 in Saratow and more ) that same night, so htat no "amnesty " was necessary anymore in the morning. What remained from that incident is the ideom "Buttchered llike cattle". (see: Sergey Petrovich Melgounov, The red terror in russia, (Westport /Conneticut, Hyperion Press, 1926/1975, p. 58; also: Jacque Baynac, La terreur sous Lénine (1917- 1924), Paris, Sagittaire, 1975)

Tragic-comic incidents in relationship with the creation and presentation of Marx statues are the following: Already in 1918 Lenin ordered the implementation of a 'personal cult' for revolutionary heroes. All royal statues were supposed to be taken down and replaced by statues of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and others to honor the Russian Revolution. But this didn't work fast enough for Lenin and he writes the following report: ( My translation from German) "Today, I acknowledged Winogradows report on the state of busts and monuments and am outraged; for months, nothing has happened. until today, there is not a single bust (... .). Herewith I am ordering to punish those responsible for this criminal and negligent behavior and put all those to trial. Shame on saboteurs and pitty thieves." (Telegramm sent on September 18, 1918 to Lunatscharski, Lenin Werke, Bd. 35, p. 336.)



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