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CE QUI ROULE - THAT WHICH ROLLS - EARLY FORMS OF ROLLIN' ROCK filming/shooting/ may 19 -30th 2008

STORY BOARD - IN PROGRESS.. .various elements.. for a film to be made.. WITH LES LABORATOIRES, PARIS

possible scenes... not in order.. THIS WEB SITE CHANGES CONSTANTLY.. SINCE I M WORKING DIRECTLY ONLY ON THE WEB : alwasy renew browser first


Ce qui roule - That which rolls - Early forms of Rollin'Rock

Alfred Jarry was a quintessential modern hero anticipating the 20th century though he destroyed himself already in 1907 at age 32 through the insane consumption of absinth, alcohol and self-induced, self-deceiving madness. As a high school student together with his class mates, Jarry created nearly by chance UBU ROI, KING UBU a grotesque, pathetic dictator that foreshadowed the megalomania, failure and destruction of those disastrous men that terrorized Nazi-Europe, Fascist Spain and Stalinist Russia. Gender troubled and unsure about anything, Jarry embraced the future in a futurist manner, fantasizing about new machines - fast trains, airplanes, cars, factories, etc. - and daring technologies of the self that put into questions the limits of mankind. He wrote about Permanent Motion Food, a performance enhancing drug that lets supermale cyclists compete with high speed bullet trains going 250 km an hour and allow men make love 82 times in 24 hours. He also drafts disciplinary apparatuses that beat children and women automatically and time machines that transgress reality and age.

Most interesting Alfred Jarry lived a life that was characterized by his permanent use of a just newly invented bicycle, the carrying of a gun he handled carelessly and a total disregard over his social and financial resources and his own health to the point of premature death. Always dressed in just a bicycle costume (even onStephane Mallarme's funeral) Jarry ran up huge debts, never paid and was rude and insulting to people. He believed in his own literary alter ego king UBU, trying to personify and imitate the miserable and mean projection of king UBU, adapting his mannerist language by ignoring proper rules of grammar and syntax. Jarry created and lived his own fragmentation that was also reflected in his own writing. With him, we get a taste for what dominates today's news on international politics: neo-colonial wars, genocides, global financial crisis, astronomical debts and frauds, social and political injustice, powerful 'supermale' medico-pharmaceutical industries (Viagra, Uppers, Downers, implants, organ transplants, prosthesis made for Olympic championships etc.) and stunning technological and industrial achievements that threaten our environment, heat the globe to the point of melt down, and consume our social and material world.

The film project Ce qui roule - That which rolls - Early forms of Rollin'Rock tries to take up some of the schizo-poetic strains Alfred Jarry laid out and lived through. It is an accumulation of anecdotes, historic events, poetic projections and invented prolongations sketching the silhouettes of the historical as well as the imagined poet. But this film is not trying to illustrate the historical protagonist but to take all sources and literary creations as a rollin' rock to kick around with. In this film, I don't try to differ between Jarry's writing and his own life; I also don't limit myself to what might be historically reasonable or feasible but expand the scope of cinematic production to the point of anachronistic paradigms that obey only the structure of the film itself. This will force and allow us to move across several media and film textures - super 8, 16 mm, HDVD - skip chronologies and play with the intransigence of various spaces. Indoor and outdoors will be represented according to the logic of the film and treated like a canvas. Partially bathed in black and white, incompatible scenes will be glued together to accessible contrasts and poetic continuities. Having the focus on the bicycle, actual high-resolution street live will mix with ruthless bike acrobatics (driving against the traffic while filming without holding the handle bar), pistol shootings of monuments and romantic Paris travelings. The film is staring various professional actors, a striptease artist, a monkey (Bosse De Nage), retro-projections and the actual film process as well as a historical 100 years old bicycle. Even my face might appear with a semi-scared look framed against La Bastille ‘s roundabout traffic which I want to use as a bicycle-playground.

The film should allow for a kaleidoscopic concatenation of scenes and filmic passages that should not only make of Alfred Jarry an ambivalent anti-hero but also transform the bicycle from a one-dimensional vehicle into a superb driving machine that re-narrates the city and country side, expands love making, redefines and seduces people and misspells technology. The bicycle should come across as a iron companion, a drawing pencil, a chaotic mixer of literature, love, life and film. Last but not least, we try a filmic experiment that wants to be 'man, literature and bicycle with a camera' traveling across Paris.

Rainer Ganahl, 2008




opening: Laval, 1892


Alfred Jarry's Call of Nature, Stuttgart 2008 (video clip 3 m - finished)


scene: bicycle purchase   


Alfred Jarry stars into a bicycle window,,, camera from inside..,.. modern contemp. paris bicycle window. AJ.. noise on glas, decides to purachae a bicyce and camera goes over all htese contempor. bicycle but halts at the historic one we get for filmin. and purchases this one oncreidt.... then he see the dessee. advertisment.. which leads to the visiste de l amour scene... --as if there was a connection:

actors: AJ (black suit, head)

location: bicycle shop.. street of paris.

props: deesse poster..historic bicycle

dialogs: detail







Scene3 : AJ viste de l'amour (@ thomas apaprmtent)

s m as

From "Viste de l'amour"- 'Manon'
AJ, fully drunk, mounts a staircasewiht bicycle to visit a high class prostitute(dressed in bike outfit.. with bicycle on his shoulder.. ); his small size is part of the conversation and negotiation, he smashes a
porcelan vase (love always comes with broken glass in AJ and Duchamps); dialog is about class, money, age difference, body size and attitude

background to this story is his military past.. (he left the caserne, talks about hte caserne and misses the late our return of hte casern

action at the door - to let him enter or not...

internal dialog is written an panel...

woman dressed "deluxe" but without "too much putte"

see dialog and more details here:

actors: AJ (bike uniform plus bike), Manon (woman, elegant dress, lots of make up), maid as maid.. conservative white kind of historic..

location: Apartment Thomas - we use stairways. door, entrance.. and salon in a corner...

props: white sheets... to cover. , VASE, Bicycle AJ carries up . clock.. drinking stuff.. flowers , red courtain. lying around... as a bourgeois signifierGUN (BULLDOG_

smore props are here:


scene 4: bicycling



Scene 5: poetry salon, Rachilde I... DONE


AJ misbehalves, drinks.. but is somehow brilliant... also not nice to evrybody... insulting.. tc.. but drinks absinth wiht vinigrette and ink. see below drinking.. dialogs.. etc.   mesogynist.. anti-woman stuff.. he accuses her of having too mnay women. and ...

reading also cape times, the spanking machine.. article.. talking about it.. but not rading it all...

actors: AJ, rachille, senegle, as many actors as we have, RG alos in sigh (not talking)

location: Apartment thomas, kitchen, salon...

props: tables.. etc.. salon.. GUN (BULLDOG_ absinth, bicyclette, encre (pelican) vinegrette





Scene 6: bicycling




Scene 7: Scene: Haschisch     (@les laboratories)      somewhere... in a space.. like apartment.. (black) DONE

actors: Alfred Jarry (AJ), ibrahim (I), and Pawlowski (P), -( Phyast /in the text/ was Gaston de Pawlowski, cycling friend of AJ, author o "voyage aupays de a quartrieme dimension, plublished in 1912 and in periodicals 1896, cited by marcel duchamp as one of hte sources for "large glas"), a woman (briefly) with dog ((who wants to volontueer for that role.. somebody from the labo... would be great -- I would love to have everybody in it... for example Yvanne or Julie...or rebecca... or sandra.. etc... )))

location: les laboratoires, big hall , looking like on the floor, darkish,, pills... scene orientalist..candles, smoky.. books..

props: tables.. etc.. salon.. absinth... bootles.. drugs. hashish.. pills.. chemistry.. stuff.. exprerimenting.. GUN (BULLDOG, a dog, bicycle, there is also a penis statue.. described once we have to make out of black wax used for making bronze, = duchamp wheel, a wooden cane, a tri-color lamp to be burned at the end.,

diagolgs: taken vom Les Jours et les Nuits - Days & Nights, book V, chapter IV (assassins talk) text is RG modified

details here:



everybody lies on pillows and his bed. (a mattrasse) - smoking, and making joints and a woman comes by (figurante) with a is running all over the bed , disturbes and Alfred Jarry (here taking hte role of Nosocome) jumps and freaks out ... after a minute or so.. - camera filming all the trash and mass .. the books etc... , duchamp wheel

Ibrahim doing preparing pills.. all taking bizarre stuff, bicycle chair play.. some gay touching, burniing of lamp at the end. taken and expanded from the Day and Night text.. book 5, chapter 4 assassins talk/haschisch ...


diagolgs: details here:



scene: bicycling



scene: purchase of machine part I :

purchase of machine.. BHV outdoor.., paris street, riding with the thing. this scene links to the salon where he introduces the machine through an adverisment./newspaper clip.. .. )



scene: bicycling



scene: spanking:


woman arrives , wants love, gets spanking instead.. - erotic realism, serious on the edge --it is erotic for the woman.. but not for him. he kind of distances himself throught the machine. doesn't want to touch her...but enjoys the mechanism, decallage/discrepancy between his pleasure and her pleasure.. (rahter hysterical and "exagerated faked " "i wanna believe it my ... pleasure kind of fakery"

he annoyed.. but enjoyes the annoyance..

actors: AJ, woman (veille dame),

location: AJ apartment. Laboratoire

props: AJ hoime propts. plus bike wheel. modified

diagolgs: here





The apparatus is composed of : a chair which grips the delinquent as soon as he is sat upon it; a system of grooves and panels to delimit exactly the part of his anatomy which is to be operated upon; and a high-precision mechanism which determines the number and intensity of the blows administered by a cane of the greatest suppleness. At the same time, an Edison phonographs reel off moral maxims, reproaches, exhortations, etc. all at a sufficiently high pitch to drown the cry of the guilty party … or patient. (educational flogging machine, orthomatic castigator) --- AJ is deliriing.. absinth in his hand in his mind.. in his stomach.... pistol lies next to him ..

actors: AJ (bike outfit);

part I : wiht one woman

part II: with sengle naked erotic

part III: with couple of gay guys.. parodying..fooling with clothes on

locations: Paris, BHV (for purchase) bicycling with the spanking thing in paris; Les Laboratoires, AJ room,

props: bed , spanking machine (chair), window... etc.. books, has a big mess,

diagolgs: letter from la viellei dame.. etc










Scene: bicyclette mise a nue,  masturbation


AJ sits in bed. overseves the shadow of hte spanking whlee.. and suddenly comes accross the sentence: AJ: l'amour est un act sans importance, puisque on peut le faire indefiniment / love is an act without importance since one can do it indefinitely"

he focuses and repeats the senteces.. and like in a dream.. she appears in the dark..(llight.. sitting there.. wiht the duchampian. wheel . starting her business:

we only see hte wheel.. in action. wiht the woman.. --- almost as a refrain.. voice over..: "l'amour est un act sans importance, puisque on peut le faire indefiniment" - (form supermale) like a mad man under hynosis: the woman does her act slently: :"

can be presented as a fantasy... ... as a dream.. a meditaiont.. no noise.. just back ground voice over sentece is an act without importance since one can do it indefinitely l"amour ets un act sans imporance

scene ends fading into black or white ...


actors: AJ, woman (will be kept annonyoums)

location: les laboratoires,

props:etc.. duchamp whieel, slightly modifie, ... mess.. his mess.. books.. bottles.. -- hthe masturbation scene is in the dark.. black an dwhite or color but with lght.. only nothing visible.. except wheel and woman... slow.. her pace.. her ability to interact ..

diagolgs: no dialogs



salon, ibrahim, perpetual motion food, calender DONE no dialog

introduction of Ibrahim, introduction of Perpetual Motion Food (through the person of Ibarhim) the bike race.. the calendar

"Ma-da-me! vous avez un bien mauvais caractere! Vous etes une quantitee negligeable d'atomes crochus. Mais nous vous accordons une qualite: vous ne raccrochez pas!"



Scene: bicycling - pointing - shooting on monuments

AJ bicycles through paris, drunk, shooting his pistol on monuments

AJ had alwasy a pistal around him... and often at ngiht he shoots at momuments. .will be filmed at night and in the early morning.. like 4 or 5 am..

empty streets.. etc...

actors: AJ

location: paris

props: guns.. historic bicycle..

diagolgs: no dialogs






Scene: les berges du canal.. fishing done

d >>s

in this scene we see AJ alone fishing at the teh river scene... using again teh "spanking machine" object but this time. the wheel is put horrizontal and he attached 3 fishing rods ot hte bicycle serving here as stand...


lenin also thinks of his previous geneva accident: where he nearly lost an eye

actors: AJ in bike outfit, LENIN (can be played by anybod looking close)

location: paris, les berges du canal

props: guns.. historic bicycle, chair/ fish rods..

monolog AJ: voice over


see here



repro - filming... projection - filming the entire scene...





Scene: bar betting: how often can a man make love to a woman within 24 hours


Various men (like in supermale) discuss the human limits of love making within a given time frame; PERPETUAL MOTION FOOD


actors: AJ, Rachilde, Ibrahim, sengle, Pawlowski

location: salon..

props: un penis. (rainer)

diagolgs: mostly taken from superman... beginning.. iwth modification:

see here



Scene: absynth - debts and poetry


Drinking. Bar, ... speaks of his debts. and his hatred fro water.. drinks some water, falls sicks


actors: aj, sengle, yaki (painter)

location: bar,

props: gun



Scene - bicycling - pedestrian story:
AJ bicycling, it later comes to an incident with a pedestrian

actors: AJ, street passant.. at salon: salon crowd

location: lparis.. somewhere in the street.. on side walk and at salon,

props: guns.. bicycle.. etc..



Scene - bosse-de-nage
Alfred jarry and his monkey..

actors: Alfred jarry

location: his room

props: guns..banan





Scene: phallus, guns, vaginas


sitting in his room, overlooking his collection of phalluses, guns and vagina... and the bike-wheel chair

playing wiht them deliririing

actors: aj

location: room,







Scene: shooting mirror


alfred jarry.. sees a woman, sitting away form him . he stares at her.. there is some kind of strange interaction.. withoiut words..

suddenly, he takes out his gun and shoots a mirror.... on the wall...

then blows the gun and goes: Madame.. now, after having broken the ice, we can speak

actors: AJ, une dame (fabricia)

location laboratoire.. bar



AJ after having shot the glas mirror ---- blowing the gun: Madame, maintenant qu'on a brise la glace on peu se causer



Scene: shooting painteri in the arm. done

"bull dog" and delares his love declaration to it:

"La Cose qui permettait a un mouvement minuscule et souverain de son index de le faire partout et toujours maitre de la vie de tous et rince des teebres eerieures: son revolver"

also..... could be integrated:


Appolinaire' anecode: 1905, un soir d'avril, AJ tire un coup de revolver sur le sculpteur Manolo et commentant: "N'est-ce pas que c'etait beau comme littterature?" et ajoutant illico: "Mais j'ai oublie e payer les consommations."


actors: AJ, painter Manolo

location: les laboratiores, bar..

props: guns.. bar etc..












Scene: shooting

some woman rings the bell and is very upset and hysterical and explailns that soembody was shooting into her garden form the window...

mother complains about shooting when her kids are around.

"songez, Madame, se lamentait la pauvre femme, que Monsieur aurait pu tuer un des mes enfants.

- Eh, Ma-da-me, riposta flegmatiquement le pere Ubu, si ce malheur arrivait, nous vous en freions d'autres!"

shooting also in his apartment. -- through window..

actors: AJ, romana (ma copine) rachilde

location apartement de thomas, salon de rachilde

props: salon...






FINAL SCENE: death - bicycle burning, dream scene.. with some voice over from mesalina on dying - plus wake bicycle sales person recaptures bike



he sits on his death bed. deliring.. speaking to his "slaves" and reading and dreaming and dying. bike sales person comes and reclaims his bicycle..

the dream incerted: suicide - "hte regained youth of the very old" plus a buring of his body. (roman style) on top of bicycles.. so we make on the parking lot a big fire.. and burn a bunch of old bicycles..

some images also from hte PARIS RIOTS. ... fllicker in ... beautiful texts from messalina. (in a way his most splendid book)

actors: AJ , bike sales person

location les laboratoire, le lit... , parking lot.. s

props: old biccles to burning.. and a puppet of him (can bev ery simple..not life size.. can be small.. ) to burn.. about 10 - 15 old trashy bicycls. wood.. etc. to make a nice fire.

diagolgs: here

FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----

----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN

FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----

----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN -----FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN ----- FIN



l'amour est un act sans importance, puisque on peut le faire indefiniment

"Ma-da-me! vous avez un bien mauvais caractere! Vous etes une quantitee negligeable d'atomes crochus. Mais nous vous accordons une qualite: vous ne raccrochez pas!"

"Quelle importance l'argent peut-il avoir, Ma-da-me? Nous vivrons du produit de notre chasse et de notre peche, nos livres nous fourniront le reste. ... Et d'ailleurs, si nous faisons des dettes, cela ne regarde que nous.

Ce n'etait plus une personne qui parlait, mais une machine habitee par quelque demon. Sa voix saccadee, metallique ou nasillarde, ses gestes courts de pantin articule, son masque fixe, sa loquacite torrentielle et incoherente, ses trouvailles grotestques ou brillantes, sesmots qui s'acrochaient a d'autres par tous leurs angels, ce synchronisme, dirions-nous aujourdh'hui, de cinema et de phonographe, tout cela etonnait, amusait, agacait aussi et finissait par inquieter.

NOUS a la place de je

celui qui souffler (le vent); celui qui se traine (le train); celle qui hors-nature (Rachilde); celui qui Mercure (Vallette - Mercure editeur), ce qui roule (la bicyclette)


from "days and night" VII en route to dolcuinea

the mouth

"the mouth alone, like a leaf from a tree, is diffrent on every face, and is the only feature one can draw without knoing how to draw, since one will invariably intimate wiht lines curved at random. lips and movements of lips that actually exist. and even when their voices are similar, two speakers have differnt mouths. beaucase there are moments when they do not talk an dthe mouths remain themselves. it was mouths militarily tamed for the convention of language that the little deaf-mute gilrs at auray would watch closely before answering them wiht the geometry of a uniform gmnasitics.


money / manque d'argent: " Il manquera le voiturin a phynances!" (rachilde, p. 132)

... I inveted the glory of the sounding coin, the decorative gold (mellissa)

doctors. - at the end... a la fin:

AJ parlait comme le fantôme de lui-meme ... .. Il ne pouvait voir un "merdecin" parce que, pretendait-il, ces bouffres-la l'avaient drogue pour l'examiner de pres: "Vous comprenez, Ma-da-me, ils ont tout interet a dissequer un personnage de notre trempe. Ils auraient l'occasion d'apprendre quelque chose de nouveau."


"Nos vivrions cent ans que nous ne ls paierioins pas!"

"La morte n'est pas pour les mediocres"


Clement de luxe a 500 Francs , rue du Quatre-Septembre. vendeur: Tronchon;

les velocipedards


yaki l'a vu une fois avertir un quidam qui parlait mal de Cezanne. Il pose son revolversur la table du bistrot et previent: "Un mot de plus et je tire."

revolver: "La chose qui permettait a un mouvement minuscule et souverain de son index de le faire partout et toujours maitre de la vie de tous etp rince des tenebres exterieures: son revolver"

jarrry - 3 pistollets en possession (un pistolet donne a Picasso)

c'est bien pus vraisemblablement Apollinaire qui, aant confisquele revolver de Jarry, le transmit a Picaso. Ce revolver avait , on le sait, une belle carriere litteraire. "jarry avait tire a blanc sur le malheureux poete belge Chrisitan Beck, lors d'n banquet du Mercure de France, en 1897 , incident qui a inspire a Gide la scene du banquet dans Les aux-Monnaeurs".

surname de pistolet : bull dog

celebration 13 juillet - la Saint - Pistolet; 14 juillet - La Fete de Pere Ubu; 10 mai - la Sainte-Merdre

chasse aux rossignols


AJ chronometrait les moindres performances...


domicile: 7 rue cassette - "deuxieme et demi" - (proprietare avait en effet demultiplie le deuxieme etage.. dans le sens vertical ) Aj: "notre grande chasublerie" ... (au dieuxieme etage etait une fabrique de vetements sacerdotaux. )


Aj vivait mal, se nourrisant a paris de cotelette de mouton crues et de cornichions. buvait suvant avant de se coucher , un grand verre dans lequel il avait verse, par moitie, du vinaigre et de l'absinthe, melange bizarre qu'il liai en y ajoutant une goutte d'encre.

about water (l'eau = liquide impur dont une seule goutte suffit a troubler l'absinthe) : - to Rachilde who drinks only water: "Vous vous empoisonnez, Ma-da-me, (m'expliquait-il le plus serieusement du monde.) L'eau content, en suspension, tous les microbes de la terre et du ciel, et vos sucreries, qui forment votre principale alimentation, sont des alcools a l'etat rudimentaire qui saoulent bien autrement que des spiritueux convenablement expurges par la fermentation de tous leurs principes nocifs." (R. 139)

il bu aussi d'ether: dialogue "rachilde - AJ"

R: Ca peut donc s'avaler, pere Ubu, ce poison? AJ: Certainment et ca vaut bien vos tasses de the, Ma-da-me! Au mois on n'est pas oblige d'avaler, en outre, les converrsations de vos belles amies, puisque vous avez pris la deplorable habitude de recevoir des femmes, rue de Conde. ca endort meiux, ca vous laisse les mouvements libres, ca sent bon, puisque vous le dites, et ca detache!" R140

"Les patrons de ce bistrot n'osent pas me reclamer les sommes considerable que je leur dois depuis deux ans, parce qu'ils savent tres bien qu'ils perdraient ma clientele s'ils en exigeaient le paiement! Mais si je restais deux jours sans venir prendre mon absinthe, ils n'hesiteraient plus et me mettraient le couteau sur la gorge. Je bois pour ne pas payer ce que je dois!" (Demolder, car c'etait lui qui sans rien dire payait chaque semaine tout ce que jarry prenait depuis deux ans chez ce bistrot)


Meme le phallus de pierre, ouvrage d'un scupteur japonaiss, don de Felicien Rops, qui trône sur la cheminee n'echappe pas a cette contagion de la reduction bien qu'il soit largemet grandeur nature. Mais Jarry avait replique a une dame qui lui demandait imprudemment si c'etait un moulage: "Non, Ma-da-me, c'est une reduction"

"elegance is progress: .... Is elegance pederast?t" (days and night, talk of a haschisch smoker)


10 000 miles race -- with ibrahim.. 225 cm tall - retro filming .. against "frere lumiere" luis et antonie.. in a race.. filming hte filming


taken from messalina;

I want the moon.

62 es geht nicht mit rechten dingen zu, dass ein mensch so viel mit seinen knochen vermag ohne sie sich zu brechen

und dass er die sonne zersteucken und in dutzende von spiegelchen zerspllittern kann, ohne dass er die sonne schliesslich beschaedgit und sie dann nicht mehr zusammenzusetzen weiss

62 gaius: durch die macht der liebe bleicher als das bleiche gestirn

61 -- bewegt sich tiefer als das roecheln einer raubkatze

ihr tod war ein trankopfer

pneumatische taktbrecher das schweigen der blumen brechend. ... binde elephanten

finger zerischer ziseleure --- die promiskuitaet der kleidung

die stadt und die freau schmuecken sich

deckel mit regloser laszivitaet

bleichaer als der hund der wuerfel 24

das recht, sie am nacktesten zu lieben 19

man ist messalinas gemahl nur fuer den augenblick der liebe... und nur wer nicht schlaeft ist ihr gatte und messalina ist in der wilden tracht der kurtisane

goettliche obszoenitaet



"be amourous,and be mysterious" = the formula of happiness


((( weirdly enough - he loves fure head, 1 or 2 reolvers (A breton refers to him : "ce qui revolver") and wooden shoes )))

alwasy in bicycle uniform.. bike outfit. on

fate /destiny

Das Schicksal, das immer auf derselben Seite hinkt, ist - die Chance. (melissa, btw venus and dog)--- translation: Fate limping alwasy on one side - is called - chance.

I think my head and my feet are the two opponent poles of a dice (Melissa see above)

... bleicher als the Hund der Würfel (more pale than the DOG OF THE DICE)

... I inveted the glory of the sounding coin, the decorative gold (mellissa)




city.. may be coutnried .. - romantic type of pictur. bridge. pere lachaine. boulv gambetta, bastille, champs-elysee, place de victoire. (royal ), on some brdige.. pont neufe... arc de triumpfe... louvre troqadero,,, pisse dans la rue..

bicycle agains ttraffic.. .. shooting at monumets.. insulting pedestrians.. (the killin gpedestrian)

purchasing object (spanking machine BHV

la drague.. tuillerie.. , sur les berges du canal.. (FISHING.. )



two types; les atelier ; thoimas apartment , escalier.. staircase;

all the theater stuff.. we film..



masturbation.. bar scenes..




llit aJ

mache in a battre, masturbataion., lectures de lettre, ombre, seigne.., partner gay, il excrites, il bois, il delire, il malade, il meure... signe de poverte.. letter de serving paper...

le bar:

Perpetual motion food (commbien de fois), (surmale, geant) ; discussion czessane. (un mot de plus et je tire) , s


dans le salon:





Alfred jarry's voice sometimes dubbed (wiht playback) thorughou thte film.. (like he pretents ot speak/be UBU.. so he speaks alwasy in playback mode--)

screen panel : Pardon our appearance.. - ahistoricity
























money.. and bicycle (bosse-de nage) working on / coming

monkey wiht hte bicycle.. etc.. at his house..e tc.. star appearances in various locations..

actors: AJ, bosse de nage (monkey)

location apartement de thomas, salon de rachilde, bar les laboratoirre

props: salon...

diagolgs: here


during AJ military service he presumably had some love story with sengle (sengle, became a famous doctor and director of a psychatric clinic and was later deported and killed by the nazi's.. ) sengle introduced jarry also to drugs and they made lots of experiments , at the level of scientific tests.. - (kind of w.benjamin in marseille) --- letter in 'days and nights'


why do you have a bicycle in the room: so the rats don't eat the tires:




part II: group arriving late, (AJ, Sengle, plus one artist; arriving late, drunk, having fun with the machine, paroid, no nudity... ibrahim turns teh wheel, eerybody gets a spanking

here again. the machine will be "examined" by the guys.. with AJ reading the txt again... someobdy volontieres.. dressed... its a parody. it s carnevalsque.. drunk.. fun. not erotic at all..

before everybody leaves, or the scene comes to an end with : AJ, alludeingto hte fact that he "expects a vistors "... -- reads some of hte letter de la vielle dame... (desire.. of the old lady) to the guys.. making fun of.



part IV intimate scene playing alone wiht sengle / or P. .. --both actors relate...

part V: intimate scene playing alone with yet another of his gay painter/lovers

inbetween bicycling scene.. or toher scnees.. they are spread through the film...

((( we have to ask ibrahim and respect his sensibilities to gay scenes.. he will only be there.. but not invovled... in anything.. )))



Scene 9: bar - spanking machine -- duchamp chair.. (modified )... ausi "la veillei dame" -- letter de la vielleid ame



scene 10: spanking part 0: salon: salon discussion .. jouranl .. introduciont de la mchiane different scenes. same ssetting. differnt people used in film at different moments. .but filmed together.. same day etc.




scenes recycled from the play / spectacle...

Scene: 82 times love making … etant donne - glass shattering
we use the perfromance lady.. and film her aside..

we could take this scene from our theater there..


Scene: Perpetual Motion Food
AJ in negotiation with American developer - notre ami le geant (ibrahim)- w

Scene bicycling: quinttiplette.. - 5 on a bicycle (part 2)

we recycle everythign and film it in a particuailr way


historic film material used 3 times:

as such; retor filming; with a distance.. so you can see the retro film mechansim

oine minute time.. or five


out door sites

:the street he lived in.. (3 addresses), La Grande Chasublerie, 7 rue Cassette; la rue du salon.. (filming wiht address)

roimantic. sites: bridges.. les ponts des arts... ; pere la chaise... (near gambetta)

AJ bicycles in bike costume, in paris and outskirts… romantic landscape… Seine river side
paris bicycling (projection of old film - mixing contemporary traffic..


la drague.. tuillerie.. , sur les berges du canal.. (FISHING.. )








Scene: Perpetual Motion Food
AJ in negotiation with American developer - notre ami le geant (ibrahim)- who tells us that he tested it inthe beginning and it didn't work well and he grew.. so high.. - of PMF. He praises it qualities and claims that cyclists drinking it can beat the train from the sea of japan to paris.  10 000 mile race      --- he also alludes to sexual performance..

actors: AJ, Ibrahim..

location: salon rachilde, Thomas apartment,